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[CONCERT RECAP] Mr. Carmack Takes Chicago

Mr. Carmack! Welcome to Chicago! Currently on his 2016 World Tour, Aaron Carmack was back in the Windy City and brought the bass to Concord Music Hall. With a surprise meet and greet in a local spot before the show, Mr. Carmack had already shown love to the city and to his fans as the […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Win & Woo And J. Worra Drop Some New House Fire

GoodSex here, 2016 mode engaged and I got some fresh mayhem for your ear holes from two “up and arriving” artists. You see, in this day and age everyone is “up and coming” but few are are actually arriving anywhere new. As listeners we should always be in the market for fresh produce, it will […]

[GoodSex Tips] Milk N Cooks Drop Tasty Beats Vol. 11

GoodSex here with another fresh mix to get you through the week. I will be posting a new one everyday this week in preparation for the new year. First up are local heroes Milk N Cooks. Their 11th volume of Tasty Beats, “Saw Mommy Bangin’ Santa Claus” is sure to melt the snow between your […]