Crafted by James Kabat and Kavi S. Still nursing hangovers from Lolla, Chicago is about descend in droves upon West Loop’s Union Park. Well, maybe descend is too strong a verb. They’ll slink their way on the L, shushing teenagers for the temerity to raise their voice an octave above a whisper. That is […]

[DANCE] THE KNOCKS – “Classic” (ft. Powers)


  In one of many upcoming collabs on the Sights and Sounds, two of our writers, James Kabat and Kavit Sumud, tackle the new Knocks single (a band we deeply support here at the Sights and Sounds for bringing intelligence to dance). For this single, check out a letter from the band and the track […]

[POP] KIESZA – “Giant In My Heart/What Is Love?”


  Canadian born but London and New York based singer-songwriter Kiesa Rae Ellestad has managed to create quite a buzz for herself with her global smash Hideaway in the recent months. Riding the current 90’s house revival craze she has elegantly been able to create a sound that’s as much radio friendly as it is […]



  Pryda Friends prodigy Jonas Von Der Fehr (aka Fehrplay) released his highly anticipated masterpiece Everywhere You Go on June 27th on Ultra. Gracefully combining elements of 90’s piano house with his signature melodic deep house sound and groovy synths he pulls off yet another almost effortless sounding banger that not only further exemplifies his […]



  Windy City production trio Autograf will be making a stop through renowned Chicago nightclub, The MID, tonight for a show with Lane 8. To get ready for the get down, we’re featuring Autograf’s newest mix for THUMP; brandishing a blend of future house, dance and disco for a groove that’s impossible not to move […]

[QUICK MIX - DISCO/HOUSE] Zimmer – ‘Teenage Tunnel | April Tape’

[QUICK MIX - DISCO/HOUSE] Zimmer - 'Teenage Tunnel | April Tape'

  Parisian-based producer/DJ Zimmer takes over this Quick Mix with his self proclaimed ‘Horizontal disco & feel good house’ in Teenage Tunnel: April Tape. “This could be the soundtrack of a coming-of-age road movie.” – Zimmer     Tracklist: 01. SOS Band – The Finest (Groove Motion Re-Edit) 02. Truls – Out Of Yourself (ROOSEVELT […]



  Kylie Minogue‘s I Was Gonna Cancel is one of the standout tracks off of her 12th studio effort Kiss Me Once that combines the best of Pharrell‘s production genius and all things Kylie. On the other hand, the album’s second single and one of the year’s most joyous and uplifting pop releases, thus far, […]

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRONIC] DJ Politik – “Cool Kid Syndrome [002]: Coachella 2014″

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRONIC] DJ Politik - "Cool Kid Syndrome [002]: Coachella 2014"

  Two weekends of Coachella are about to take place in the beautiful Coachella Valley situated nearby infamous Joshua Tree in Southern California. With six days of music to quench even the most thirsty music seeker, sometimes it can be hard to pick exactly who you want to see at any given performance time. Luckily, […]

[Electro/Dance] Protohype ft. Alina Renae – “Fly” (Louis The Child Remix)


  It kind of feels like we’re becoming the official outlet for everything and anything Louis The Child. But hey, if  you’re in desperate need of some electro funkiness that will keep you jitterbugging (or whatever dance the kids do nowadays) from dusk till dawn, no one’s doing it bigger (and better) than these two […]

[ELECTRO/DANCE] Madeon – “Cut The Kid” [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/DANCE] Madeon - "Cut The Kid"

  Fans of Sudoku and The Da Vinci Code will love Madeon‘s newest track release – a bouncy, electro-infused jam titled “Cut The Kid” – which is available for free download, but only if you can crack the secret code. The riddle-protected track has been lying dormant in Madeon’s sound vault for two years now, […]

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