[Dubstep] Borgore & Waka Flocka Flame & Paige – Wild Out (MUST DIE! Remix)


If I’m not mistaken, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to showcase MUST DIE! (on his own) here at The S&S, so please excuse me for taking full advantage of the situation. This dubstep guru also happens to be my favorite musician on planet earth! His tracks are consistently recognized as some of the most […]

[Dubstep] Fedde Le Grand & DI-RECT – Where We Belong (Zomboy Remix)


This zany new Zomboy ballad is about to introduce you to sensational sounds that you never knew existed. Remixing Fedde Le Grand & DI-RECT’s “Where We Belong” into a dubstep Goliath, this bass music magician casts a spell that leaves your ears eternally bound to this incredibly intriguing track. With overtones reminiscent of MUST DIE! helping […]

[CONCERT REVIEW] Downlink Dismantles Concord Theater Amid Power Outage


As I approached Concord Music Hall for Downlink‘s show last Thursday evening, one thought continued to cross my mind, “How could this be any worse than my last experience at this venue?” Having been a patron for the failed Datsik show – yes, the same show where falling portions of the ceiling caused him to […]

[Dubstep] Koven – Another Home


I should hire Koven to be the permanent caretaker for my ears because whenever one of their productions enters my aural cavity, I’m instantly overwhelmed by a surge of serenity. Max Rowat (the producer/dj) was putting out music on his own for a good portion of 2013. However, now that he’s officially added a new […]

[Dubstep] SPL – Ransom Note


What’s up my beautiful bass soldiers? I can only hope that you’re half as ready for this new SPL slammer as I was, because it’ll knock your head off your shoulders if you’re not paying close attention. “Ransom Note” is a dubstep banger that manages to flawlessly incorporate a wide variety of trap music elements […]

[Dubstep] Dirtyphonics – Los Angeles (Ft. Modestep) (Protohype Remix)


If you happen to have a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, or any other protective gear lying around, now is the time to suit up! Protohype daringly decided to remix Dirtyphonics & Modestep’s “Los Angeles,” and the aftershocks from the audacious drop have been felt as far away as the east coast. Please do your best […]

[Dubstep] Rekoil – Oh My Gosh


Rekoil’s Facebook has been erupting like Mt. Vesuvius over the course of the past couple months. It kind of feels like he gains another 1,000 followers with every passing week. As part of his ongoing FREEkoil giveaway, “Oh My Gosh” is some nasty riddim dubstep that I just couldn’t pass up distributing to you colorful bunch […]

[Dubstep/Trap] Disclosure – Latch (Silverback Remix)


Disclosure has done a great job of distinguishing themselves as one of the premier names in popular music today. When these types of things happen, tons of remixes inevitably follow, and where there are remixes, filthy dubstep tends to lurk somewhere in the shadows. Silverback is a producer that I was not actually familiar with […]

[NEWS] Dubstep Artists Come Together for Cure: Bass for Autism Starts Today

Bass for Autism

Bass for Autism is a charitable event hosted by Mixify and it’ll be taking place over the course of the next couple days. For those of you not familiar with Mixify, it’s a website that provides producers/musicians with the opportunity to assemble unique DJ sets and share them with their fans live. The funds raised […]

[Dubstep] John Newman – Love Me Again (Clark Kent Remix)

Clark Kent

I took a bit of a breather from posting over the weekend, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase this new remix of John Newman’s “Love Me Again” from Clark Kent. Typically known for his melodic ear-melters, Mr. Kent employs an entirely different strategy on this reconstructed bass music marvel. Leaving not […]

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