[Dubstep/Drum & Bass] Steven Lee – Love Crazy Love (Ft. Carol C) (Fox Stevenson Remix)

Fox Stevenson

It’s become somewhat of a shock when Fox Stevenson unveils a new tune without his vocals on it. The benefit of doing this however, is that it forces us to shift our focus towards the unreal production value that his high-energy brand of bass music possesses. In his latest release, this thriving artist assembles a […]

[Dubstep] Zeds Dead & Memorecks – Love Me

Zeds Dead & Memorecks

I often find myself wondering about what happened to the old Zeds Dead – then a song like “Love Me” comes along and abruptly reminds me why I’ve always held this Canadian duo’s bass music in the highest regard. After cranking out an impressive collaboration with Memorecks (“Collapse”) on their fresh-to-death Somewhere Else EP, this […]

[DUBSTEP] LAXX – “Rescue Me” (Free Download)

[DUBSTEP] LAXX - "Rescue Me" (Free Download)

Everyone likes free stuff don’t they? What’s not to like? You get something that you’ve spent zero money on, and when you also receive a storming piece of bass, things look even sweeter.  LAXX, the versatile producer representing SKisM’s Never Say Die, has been giving away music as part of his Step Free EP. A […]

[Dubstep/House/Glitch Hop] Virtual Riot – We’re Not Alone EP

Virtual Riot

Don’t look now, but Virtual Riot just unveiled the dubstep song of the year. Yeah, I said it, and guess what? I won’t hesitate to repeat it. Virtual Riot, one of my favorite producers on the planet, just put out 2014′s most captivating dubstep anthem. Do I need to say it again? No? Okay, good. […]

[GLITCH-HOP/DUBSTEP] Teminite – ‘Elevate’ EP

[GLITCH-HOP/DUBSTEP] Teminite - 'Elevate' EP

Since the beginning of the 1990′s the internet has revolutionized the way we all share information, and It is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions of our lifetimes. While most people now a days take it for granted, I still have endless appreciation for it because it brings me new music, and music is […]

[Electro House/Dubstep] SPACE LACES – Dungeons and Dragons

Space Laces

Hello civilians, are we ready for something extra nasty today? I’m talking about the type of bass music miracle that only comes along once in a decade. Allow me make one thing very clear, tracks of this quality aren’t just a rarity, they’re more difficult to locate than a needle in 1,000 haystacks. After “Digital […]

[Dubstep] DeadExit – Snake EP


Consisting of BBC Radio 1 host Crissy Criss and two other dubstep samurais, the guys behind DeadExit are beyond determined to leave their mark on the bass music industry. When Firepower Records released the trio’s two-track Snake EP last week, we knew things would get violent, but we had no idea how violent. Hell, both […]

[DUBSTEP] Zomboy – The Outbreak LP


Fresh in stores is Zomboy’s eagerly awaited debut LP for Never Say Die. As one of today’s most recognized dubstep ambassadors, this is kind of a big deal, people. It’s also a chance for the Zomb to expand his musical territories – which he does, exploring a number of new styles on The Outbreak. Although […]

[Dubstep] Dubloadz – Jugular EP


I can’t recall the last time I was this excited to share a release with The Sights And Sounds community. Hell, I’ve been way too quiet as of late, and with all the toxic filth (aka grimy bass music) that’s been seeping into the earth’s atmosphere  these last couple weeks, that’s just downright unacceptable. My […]

[DUBSTEP] Zomboy Ft. Armanni Reign – “Outbreak”

Outbreak Art

Due for release on July 14th, Zomboy brings his next single from his debut LP out on Never Say Die. Featuring the talented Armanni Reign on vocals, this one is to satisfy those who felt his previous single, “WTF!?” was a step too far away from his original sound. This one is back to Zomboy’s […]

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