[Dubstep] Skrillex and Kill The Noise – Recess (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Flux Pavilion

You would be hard pressed to find a dubstep tune that’s been receiving more love in live sets than this one. I can’t even recall the last time I attended an EDM show/festival and one of the acts didn’t bust out this new gem from Flux Pavilion. The head honcho over at Circus Records has […]

[Dubstep/Trap] Twine – Killing Machine EP


This kid Twine is on some next level business! His wildly successful 2014 campaign has already been highlighted by multiple EP releases and thumping single after thumping single. If you’ve seen a live EDM performance in the last half year, there’s a 99.9% chance that one of the artists on the bill busted out some […]

[Dubstep] JPhelpz – Living Dead EP


Honestly, the current state of dubstep is in a really weird place at the moment. After experiencing tons of success across the U.S. during 2010 and 2011, the booming genre took a bit of a backseat to house and trap during the past couple years. But something has smelled different in the 2014 EDM air. […]

[FESTIVAL REVIEW] 10 Acts That Blew Us Away At Spring Awakening

[FESTIVAL REVIEW] 10 Acts That Impressed Us At Spring Awakening

It’s been over a week since Spring Awakening 2014 concluded, but we’re still abuzz about all the acts that helped make this fantastic festival such a memorable experience. Here at The Sights and Sounds, we’ve been having some heated debates over the producers that made the most positive impressions on us during the weekend. Somehow, […]

[DARK POP/DUBSTEP] Grimes – Go (feat. Blood Diamonds) [Saam Idelji vs. Kavit Sumud Review]


  Grimes released her followup to the groundbreaking Visions with, “Go”, just today. But our two avant-pop writers have vastly different opinions on the single. Check out both and decide who you agree with. Can Kavit Sumud (who loves it) shove his opinion up his piehole or can Saam (who was, uh, less than enthused) just […]

[CONCERT RECAP/ARTIST PREVIEW] Kygo at The Mid & Electric Forest


Kygo could very well be considered one of the hottest producers in dance music at the moment. His style has been advertised as tropical house, but to put that into layman’s terms for you, it’s feel-good EDM at it’s finest. With tunes that rely heavily on catchy melodies, easygoing percussion, and noises that sound like […]

[Dubstep] Cookie Monsta – Time To Party

Cookie Monsta

I swear, 2014 dubstep is starting to sound more like 2011 dubstep with each day that passes. Rather than question the motivation behind this miniature bass music movement, I think I’ll just ride it out for as long as I possibly can. Most recently, Cookie Monsta tossed his hat into the ring of dubstep throwback […]

[Drumstep] Noisestorm – Breakdown VIP


The entire EDM demographic experienced a moment of utter disbelief when Noisestorm released the original version of “Breakdown.” So when we even got so much as a whiff of his new VIP of the same tune, we hunkered down for what promised to be one of the heaviest drumstep devourers to ever eat up the inside […]

[House] Feed Me – Alarm Clock

Feed Me

Feed Me has been one of our favorite bass music producers since day one. We can vividly recall pledging our allegiance to his sensational sound shortly after navigating our way through memorable numbers like “Cloudburn” & “Relocation.”  Over the years, he’s made a point to dabble with all different types of EDM subgenres, but lets be […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Top 10 Reasons Mysteryland USA Peacefully Kicked Ass

[FESTIVAL COVERAGE] Mysteryland USA Breathes New Life Into American EDM Festivals

With so many festivals permeating the US music scene nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to sort through the clutter to find the one that satisfies you on multiple levels. Sure, the music will be good (for the most part), but with the level of production and preparation going into some of these mega-fests, increasingly audiences are […]

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