[CONCERTS & FESTIVALS] Ganja White Night Conquers Chicago This Weekend


It’s no secret that downtown Chicago’s dubstep scene has been suffering for quite some time. Any outside observer can recognize it from afar. Having said that, there is still a fairly large demand for the once dominant genre and the producers that have helped it evolve along the way. While the majority of the heavy […]

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] Electric Zoo: Transformed – In Photos

EZoo15_Watermark_LowRes (122 of 163)

IT HAPPENED – the mythical ‘Day Three’ of Electric Zoo finally arrived after much awaited anticipation. This was the 7th installment of the New York city music festival. The “curse of E-Zoo” made several New Yorkers, including myself, almost give up hope for a great music festival in our backyard. but luck really was on […]

[Dubstep] Au5 – Atlantis


Have you been growing tired of that same generic deep house flow? Does future make you wish it was already a part of the past? And is all this watered-down dubstep currently in circulation responsible for you losing countless hours of sleep at night? Well, if you answered a resounding ‘yes’ to all of the […]

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] Splash House August Cranks The Heat With These Top 5 Performances

Splash House 2015 Week 2 WEB RES (16 of 40)

Splash House August Edition brought more than just heat to the Palm Springs area August 8th and 9th. Touting a stellar lineup of of some of the hottest names in dance, future, dirty bird, trap, and more, the two-day festival played out over three massive hotel pools and an impressive airplane hangar for the late […]

[DRUM & BASS] Wilkinson ft. Shannon Saunders – “Breathe”


My mind is racing. My body a whirling dervish. Every fiber of my being rejuvenated from these comforting reverberations. In the moment, I lose myself. Time no longer holds any relevance. My heart rate slowing to a standstill before spiraling wickedly out of control. Colors flash rapidly. Sonic shades that spray paint my eardrums. Lingering like the […]

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