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Alison Wonderland Shares New Single “Church” with Spacey Music Video

Alison Wonderland has dropped “Church”, the second single off her much anticipated sophomore album, Awake. The artists shares with us an original music video that takes you on an intergalactic journey from the alter to outerspace. (Oh, might I add that the video provides a rare sighting of Alison Wonderland in a dress!) Last fall, our favorite female […]

LIVE! Emancipator Ensemble Brings “Baralku” To Brooklyn Steel

Downtempo purveyor Douglass Appling (aka Emancipator) is by no means a static artist. Since the release of “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” back in 2006, Appling has produced 5 studio albums, founded Loci Records, and turned his synth/violin two-piece act into a 5-member live band. But despite his prodigious development, Emancipator continues to be […]

Soul Potion Explores The “Open Secret” In Deep New Track Feat. Lehan

The biggest secret in the world is right in front of you, all you have to do is look (up). Dark and mysterious, the cosmos lurk in full view, shrouded in Open Secrets. Points of light ripple in the distance, centimeters apart in perspective to the light years of blackness that lay between. Before long, […]

Dana And The Wolf Confront The Fearful Majority In “Got Me Poly”

Open love, divisive looks. Side glances and prerequisites for acceptance. Do you cast overt stares at lovers with no bounds? Or are you as open as you say you are? How deep is your love? Does it stand with chin up and open arms or sulk with crossed limbs? Against a sultry string backdrop and […]

The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance

Your heart skips a beat as it starts to take flight. The engines of your throat clear as your start to sing. “Turn Down The Silence”, I want to shout to the world that I’m in love. You might know the feeling. The fluttering heart, the buzzing ears, the tunnel vision as the one enters […]