[CHILL/ELECTRONICA] Inventions – “Escapers”


Like ocean waves, that kind of pulsing, thrumming, rushing, dull roar that fills your brain as much as your ears. It drowns out thought like it drowns out all other sound – peace. This track, like the rest of the Inventions album, allows you to either tune in or tune out. It can be creativity […]



Fuck your calling Vulnicura a “breakup album”. Actually, fuck your use of that phrase at all. A “break-up” used in that way is something you do in high school and early years of college before you figure out who you are. Vulnicura is a “break-up album” about as much as the Donner Party was a […]

[Electronica] Haywyre – Insight (Live Performance)


Operating on a different wavelength than 99% of artists in the electronic dance music industry, Haywyre has meticulously molded his sound into something much more meaningful than your usual run-of-the-mill producers. Whether he is goofing around with glitch-hop or elevating electronica to heights it has never previously seen, very few names in this business could […]



Crafted by James Kabat and Kavi S. Still nursing hangovers from Lolla, Chicago is about descend in droves upon West Loop’s Union Park. Well, maybe descend is too strong a verb. They’ll slink their way on the L, shushing teenagers for the temerity to raise their voice an octave above a whisper. That is until […]

[ELECTRONIC] The Knife – ‘Shaken Up Versions’ Album Review

[ELECTRONIC] The Knife - 'Shaken Up Versions' Album Review

The ‘Club Silencio’ scene in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive featured the line: “the song a tape-recording…no hay banda…but yet we hear a band”. Upon re-watching Mulholland Drive several months ago, I was immediately transported back to two evenings in May 2013 where I saw The Knife perform ‘The Shaking the Habitual Show’. ‘Networking’ from The […]

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