Christian Arno

The Toronto-based independent label All Blak Records has introduced its second EP in 2015, and this one is a smashing techno compilation. Christian Arno might not yet be a household name, but his debut “South Central” EP promises great things for the Ottawa native. The first title track is a groovy blend of techno beats […]


featured image ritual

Ritual has given me overly-attached stalker syndrome. Having searched for the band’s details and some input on their creative process, Google has for the very first time let me down. No need to panic though, after hearing The Fall EP these guys are bound to start receiving the attention they deserve. My first affair on the […]

[DUBSTEP] Habstrakt & Megalodon – “The Storm” EP


Next Monday sees the release of the collaborative EP between dubstep heavyweights Megalodon and Habstrakt. The Never Say Die label family have brought together their extraordinary creative flair and eye for a bass line together for these four tracks, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Both of these guys have remained on our radar for quite […]

[ELECTRONIC/INDIE POP] Wolfcolony- “Holy”


Chances are you haven’t heard of Wolfcolony yet, but that needs to change immediately. Allow your mind to be taken into the dark-pop sounds of duo Wolf and Neal Sarin from New York & Los Angeles. Meeting at the University of Miami and joining forces just recreationally at first, the duo quickly realized the magnitude […]

[ELECTRO] Savoy – ‘Three Against Nature’ EP

[ELECTRO] Savoy - 'Three Against Nature' EP

By: Lauren Walker The opening track, “Say Yes,” off Savoy‘s freshly released Three Against Nature EP lays out the electro pace for the 4-track debut and does so seamlessly, without over killing the tempo and relying on its consistency of beats and loops. “Make Me Feel Good” has a retro flair and has natural layering […]

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