[INDIE/ELECTRONIC] Petite Noir – “Chess”

petite noir - featured2

  “That’s the real shit right there” – an anonymous background vocalist exclaims a little over a minute into “Chess”, seemingly on the receiving end of your telepathic transmissions. How did he know what I was thinking? In any case, it’s the real shit in all its positive connotations – that catchy beat driving a […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie Pop Icon RAC

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie-Pop Icon RAC 1

  André Allen Anjos, the mastermind behind RAC, is ready for a break. After touring almost non-stop for 5 years, releasing some of the biggest remixes of the last couple years, as well as writing and recording his debut album, Strangers, this year, he could use some R&R. But don’t worry fans, André isn’t going […]



  Upon completion of my first listen to Gist Is, the début album from Leeds quartet Adult Jazz, I thought of Giorgio Moroder. Of course, there was the period where I tried to digest what I had just heard, but as the dust settled in my mind, there was the figure of Giorgio, uttering the […]

[INDIE/FOLK] Fleet Foxes – “Don’t Save Me” (HAIM Cover)


  Well clearly I cannot get enough of HAIM. I actually stumbled on this cover in my Soundcloud feed and didn’t recognize the song until I caught myself singing along. I even had to Google the track name, and when Haim came up I literally slapped by palm on my forehead. Did I not tell […]

[INDIE POP] Haim – “The Wire”


    It’s been awhile since a hippie-chic girl group came around and grabbed my attention, then along came HAIM. Dubbed as the modern female version of Hanson, because these three beauties are indeed sisters. They may not be singing to 12 year old girls, but they do create symphonic indie pop hits that are […]

[INDIE POP] Summer Camp – “Fresh”

Summer Camp Photo

  A little Disney princess meets Michael Jackson, and they birthed Summer Camp’s new track “Fresh.” It’s a catchy summer jam revolving around sexy feminine vocals, supported by shoulder and booty shaking 70’s flared beats. . I wanted to rewind time throw on retro polka dot bikini and dance on a beach while living in […]

[INDIE/POP] Eden Mulholland – “Blueprint”

[INDIE/POP] Eden Mulholland - "Blueprint"

  Melbourne, Australia based singer/songwriter Eden Mulholland has caught my attention from halfway across the globe. And while the internet makes that statement carry a little less weight, he is someone who you should put on your music radar as well. Taking a less conventional path in music as a former contemporary dancer, Eden has […]

[INDIE] HAERTS – “All The Days”

[INDIE] HAERTS - "All The Days"

  If you’re an avid online music followered (or even if it’s a mild hobby of yours) you’ve no doubt heard the 2012 end of the year showstopper single “Wings” from NY group HAERTS. Being hailed as one of the best tracks of the year, HAERTS proved they have what it takes to write a […]

[SOUNDTRACK] M83 – “Oblivion” (ft. Susanne Sundfør)

[SOUNDTRACK] M83 - "Oblivion" (ft. Susanne Sundfør)

  Beauty in epicness, I love it! The soundtrack for the new sci-fi blockbuster “Oblivion” has started to appear online and M83‘s single of the same name, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Susanne Sundfør, sets a grand stage for the rest of the movie. I’m ecstatic to catch some new sounds from M83 and from […]

[INDIE/TRIP-HOP] Ginger & The Ghost – “One Type of Dark” (Ta-ku Remix)

[INDIE/TRIP-HOP]  Ginger & The Ghost - "One Type of Dark" (Ta-ku Remix)

  Taking on the otherworldly debut single from up-and-coming Sydney duo Ginger & The Ghost is Red Bull Academy grad and hard-working beat maestro Ta-ku giving “One Type of Dark” his unique sound perspective. Staying with the half-eerie, half-triumphant air of the original, but adding some serious bite with his signature drum assault, Ta-ku leaves […]

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