[ELECTRO/R&B] The Crystal Method – “I’m Not Leaving” (RE:GENERATION Music Video)

The Crystal Method just released the video for the their recent collaboration with R&B legend Martha Reeves entitled “I’m Not Leaving”. The clip merges footage from TCM’s recent touring and behind the scenes film for the RE:GENERATION documentary with Martha in Detroit. Presented by Hyundai Veloster, RE:GENERATION is a documentary film that follows DJ Premier, […]

[VIDEO] RE:GENERATION: First Look + Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakin’ A Sweat!

This is going to be epic. I’m just saying that now. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, then peep the video. RE:GENERATION is a documentary that features five of the world’s top electro artists pairing up with artists from five seperate genres, and having them make something entirely new to the music […]

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