[TROPICAL HOUSE] Duke Dumont Feat. Esther Veen – I Got U (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

Vijay and Sofia

  Last night my steps matched the beat of the finger snaps in this track as I made my way into the room where I’d leave it all behind. Last night I fell victim to the poison on your lips, the one that deviates rationality into nothing else but bad intentions. Last night the summer […]

[DUBSTEP] The Glitch Mob – Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart (Bassnectar Remix)


  Featured alongside 17 (yes, you read that correctly) state-of-the-art revisions on The Glitch Mob’s Love Death Immortality (Remixes) compilation, Bassnectar’s refreshing revival of “Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart” is a true dubstep tearjerker. Putting his heavy side on hold for a brief moment, this remarkably talented producer proves once again that he knows more […]

[DRUM N BASS] Muzzy’s Double Release Brings The Noise


  One label wasn’t enough. Simultaneously releasing two huge tracks on two of the most influential music labels out there, UKF and Monstercat, Muzzy finds himself in between two styles tied together with that signature sound that takes listeners through an intense journey with high energy and distinct flair.     On one hand we […]

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] I’m a Bad Kid: Why New York’s #badDAYCLUB really is BETTER, BIGGER, and BADDER.

Stage 48

  “You look like a ‘Bad Kid’.” Basically the greatest compliment ever. But I’m referring specifically to ‘Bad Kids Collective’, the dance music lifestyle brand that has taken the New York/Philly areas by storm, known today for its unrivaled events, unique activation tactics, and thought-leadership within the biggest music movement of our generation. Aside from the […]

[Drum & Bass] Liquicity Records – Escapism 2

Liquicity - Escapism 2

  Officially unveiled during November of 2014, Liquicity’s Escapism 2 is finally available to the general public for streaming purposes. Made up of 15 liquid DnB beauties in total, this brilliant selection of comforting tunes is remarkably delightful. Having already established themselves as a cornerstone of the drum & bass movement, the limit to what […]

[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour

Datsik Chicago

  Scheduled to perform on back-to-back nights in Chicago this upcoming weekend, Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour is about to convert the Windy City into a gigantic bass music graveyard. Accompanied by a couple of his closest homies, each of these spectacular evenings promise to be a pulse-racing affair. Whether you want to get all types […]

[Dubstep] Never Say Die Records – Black Label XL

NSD - Black Label XL

  Black Label is not your typical dance music provider. In fact, it’s far from it. Never Say Die Record’s newest subdivision has one mission and one mission only: total and utter bass annihilation. The infant label’s first official release comes to us in the form of Black Label XL – an 11-track, star-studded compilation […]

[Future] SoySauce – Broken Record (Ft. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)

Louis The Child

 Venturing outside of my dubstep comfort zone is something that I don’t do very often, but every once in awhile a tune comes along that demands my recognition. Case in point, this elegant remix of Soy Sauce’s “Broken Records” from hometown heroes Louis The Child. The teenage tag team has made a remarkable amount of […]

[Dubstep] Dubloadz & Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Wolf Pit

Dubloadz & Midnight Tyrannosaurus

  My mind has been wandering for months now, but my dubstep daze is finally over and done with. During the holiday season, it seemed like every music outlet published end of the year reviews, top 10 lists, and bold predictions for 2015. Begging the question, how many times does one person need to read […]

[Electronica] Haywyre – Insight (Live Performance)


  Operating on a different wavelength than 99% of artists in the electronic dance music industry, Haywyre has meticulously molded his sound into something much more meaningful than your usual run-of-the-mill producers. Whether he is goofing around with glitch-hop or elevating electronica to heights it has never previously seen, very few names in this business […]

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