[INDIE/ROCK] X Ambassadors – “Renegades”

[INDIE/ROCK] X Ambassadors - "Renegades"

“Long live the pioneers, rebels, and mutineers.” Everyone called me crazy. Crazy because I didn’t fit in their comfortable little box of what life should be. Go to school, graduate and get a job, they said. Work your way up in your career, find a girlfriend and get married, they told me. Find a quaint […]

[INDIE/FOLK] Of Monsters And Men – “Crystals”

[INDIE/FOLK] Of Monsters And Men - "Crystals"

Starting in with the catchy, heart-grabbing drumming that I’ve come to expect from, Of Monsters And Men, “Crystals”, is the first single from their second album, aptly titled Beneath The Skin. To this single I say bravo, it definitely got under my skin, in a tingly sort of way, leaving me curious for what the […]

[DARK POP] Florence + Machine- What Kind Of Man? (MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW)


Tryna cross a canyon with a broken limb You were on the other side Like always, wondering what to do with life I’d already had a sip So I’d reasoned I was drunk enough to deal with it we met for the second time, across the bar. at that tragic fucking gay hipster indie night […]

[MUSIC VIDEO] Channing Tatum x Diplo ft. Jillian Bell – “The Dick Graze”

[MUSIC VIDEO] Channing Tatum x Diplo - "The Dick Graze"

Good for Diplo, if Channing Tatum was in front of me I sure as hell would graze his dick too. Look at our precious EDM, getting so popular it’s now used as marketing collateral for big Hollywood movies. It’s like seeing your kid grow up and take the bus to school for the first time […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Total Warr- Feels Like Home [Music Video Review]


It feels like most of our life is spent denying the various ways we come to be.    The world fills the cavernous space around you, left vacant post-womb, and it feeds you and it shapes you and it pacifies you like a papi into believing you’re part of it.  And we think the world’s […]

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