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Oliver To Release Debut Full Length Album In August, Releases Single With De La Soul

The House Music Duo Is Slated To Explode In 2017 After nearly seven years of careful plotting and testing the fluid waters of experimental production, Oliver is almost ready to take the dance music world by storm. In an interview with Magnetic Mag, Vaughn from Oliver said “We wanted to do one for a long time. […]

Daft Punk & Australian Band, Parcels, Drop Funky New Track “Overnight”

Yes, you read that headline right; the wait is over! The one and only Daft Punk is making music again in 2017! Since the release of Random Access Memories in 2015, they’ve produced a couple of songs for The Weeknd, but ultimately left us still wanting more. Check out the single they produced for Parcels titled […]

Bonobo Releases New “Bambro Koyo Ganda” EP, Announces Fall Tour

Earlier this year the British producer Simon Green released his long-awaited and highly anticipated Bonobo LP Migration. The sixth studio album from the artist has now been followed with an EP entitled Bambro Koyo Ganda, a three-song release whose title track was included on the latest record. The track features Innov Gnawa, a NYC-based musical collective that explores Morocco’s venerable gnawa […]