[DANCE POP] Icona Pop- In The Stars (Galaxy Remix)


See, I thought they’d lost their touch. “My Party” featuring Zebra Katz, was an unmitigated disaster. I mean, one of those trainwrecks that my notes on that track were reduced to: *vomit*. “Girlfriend“, wasn’t satiating enough to make these testes want to switch up their meal plans and eat anything but meat and potatoes. Plus, […]

[ELECTRO/DANCE] Asaf Avidan – “One Day/Reckoning Song” (The Knocks Remix)


And see, I thought I wasn’t going to like anything past the Wankelmut remix. Truth be told, once a remix redefines a song for me, it’s hard for me to even venture to crack open another remix. It’s like pissing in a sanctuary or something. Asaf Avidan’s “One/Day Reckoning Song” holds a special place in […]

[INDIE POP] The Naked And The Famous – “Hearts Like Ours”


  If only we could get out of here, we could get something going. This place, it’s keeping us ‘half awake and almost dead’. Muted, our emotions cry for the edge of night, towards a horizon line where the fires burn bright. Ostensibly, we should be able to find life anywhere, but the stillness of […]

[ELECTRO/POP] Ellie Goulding – “You, My Everything”


Ah, Skins, my musical landscape would be so barren without it. The E4 based teen drama taught me everything I need to know about pairing the emotionality of music with the daily moments of momentous drama in life. The musical director for that show has an insane ear for deciphering the rhythm of an emotion […]

[ELECTRO] Skrillex – “Pop Dance” (Challenger)


Aren’t we the lucky ones today? It seems a leaked preview of Skrillex‘s track “Pop Dance” has made its way online and is now streaming for all to hear. There are rumors that this may be a part of his forthcoming Voltage EP, but that is yet to be confirmed. A bit dancier and lighter […]

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