[BIG ROOM] Karim Mika & Daniel Forster – “Crunk” (Afrojack Edit)


  Last year was one hell of a year for Afrojack, with ‘Ten Feet Tall’ exploding onto the scene early on, he then built upwards with remixes for Thirty Seconds To Mars and a monster collaboration with Martin Garrix with “Turn Up The Speakers” that did some serious damage around the global club scene. Kicking […]

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] A-Trak ft. Andrew Wyatt – “Push” (Fire Flowerz Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] A-Trak ft. Andrew Wyatt - "Push" (Fire Flowerz Remix) [Free Download]

  Opportunities often come when we least expect them, in places we tend to overlook and ignore. But for those who keep their eyes and minds open and who recognize the distinctive scent in the air, taking advantage of those fleeting moments often leads us to places we never expected to find ourselves. The key […]

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Darude – Sandstorm (Didrick Remix)


  There’s no one who can honestly say when this original starts playing in the middle of a festival set they don’t get even a TINY bit nostalgic. Sure sure it’s been played for years, over and over, and most people roll their eyes once it’s recognized, but it’s a staple nonetheless and this remix […]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Madeon ft. Kyan – “You’re On” (Gramatik Remix)

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Madeon ft. Kyan - "You're On" (Gramatik Remix)

  There’s a lot to be said for someone who has gained worldwide recognition before they can legally have a drink (in the US, at least). But then 20-year old French native Madeon isn’t your normal producer. Having exploded onto the EDM scene a few years back with hits like “Icarus”, “Finale”, and “The City”, […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Imagine Dragons – “I Bet My Life” (Alex Adair remix)

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Imagine Dragons – "I Bet My Life" (Alex Adair remix)

  It’s no surprise that the musical phenomenon of the year is tropical house. Spearheaded by the talented Kygo, the relatively new sound has swept through dance floors and festivals alike with it’s soaring, melodic compositions and tropical beats. It embodies the natural spirit to run free, let go and stop giving such a fuck. […]

[ELECTRO/SOUL] Krooked Drivers – “Nothing Is Lonely” (Manic Focus Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO SOUL] Manic Focus and GRiZ - "Life Goes On"

  With music, I never truly feel like I am completely alone. The emotions and stories told through the melodies and bass lines of any track can keep me company in the darkest of nights and in the most secluded of spots. A bit of music can make all the loneliness go away with just […]

[END OF YEAR] Bring The Noise: The Best Dubstep Of 2014

[END OF YEAR] Bring The Noise: The Best Dubstep Of 2014

  When we look back on the year for dubstep, there were a couple crucial elements that immediately jumped out at us. Between “Terror Squad” parodies, Riddim’s rapid emergence, and hearing the phrase “dubstep is dead” tossed around like a rag doll, 2014 was definitely one for the record books. Sure, this bass music subgenre […]

[Dubstep] TBMA – Obsessed (Ft. Lynn Gvnn) (AFK & Dion Timmer Remix)

AFK & Dion Timmer

  It looks like I am finally back on my dubstep grind and it could not have arrived at a better time. With the end of 2014 right around the corner, we here at The Sights And Sounds are gearing up for what promises to be an unforgettable 2015 campaign. To help close out this […]

[DANCE] TOURIST ft. Years & Years – “Illuminate” (MJ Cole Remix)

[DANCE] TOURIST  ft. Years & Years - "Illuminate" (MJ Cole Remix)

  The dark is creeping in. I don’t mean that in an existential way. No, I’ll leave the dark stuff to our senior editor, Kavi. I mean it in the most visible of ways: winter has come and the days now grow eerily dark all too soon. This world needs more light for these cold, […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside – “Ellie” (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside - "Ellie" (Win & Woo Remix)

  I love my late nights. It’s the time when the world calms down, the city goes to sleep, and I get time to catch up on all the day’s activities. It’s when I get to really catch up on music, see what my social life is up to, and generally kick back. It’s no […]

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