[CHILL/HOUSE] Flume – “Holdin On” (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILL/HOUSE] Flume - "Holdin On" (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

When it comes to getting in the zone, hanging out or relaxing, there’s hardly a better choice than Australian beat maker Flume. His intoxicating rhythms and rich, melodic textures create a perfect blend for chilled out escapism. And perhaps one of Flume’s most well known tracks for drifting off into the soundscape comes in the […]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce – “Slippin Into Darkness” (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce - "Slippin Into Darkness" (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne)

For those nights when I really need to chill out, fall into a groove and just let the music wash over me, a good dose of electro funk really hits the spot. I use the term ‘electro funk’ here to generically encompass the wide variety of sounds that are incorporated within – from jazz to […]

[ELECTRONIC/TRAP] Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” (Wave Racer Remix)

[ELECTRONIC/TRAP] Ryan Hemsworth – "Ryan Must Be Destroyed" (Wave Racer Remix)

It’s true when they say things are better in pairs. Double your pleasure, double your fun. right? And who isn’t down for a two way any day? So when I saw this pair of hot ticket producers’ names in one title, I couldn’t hit play fast enough. Two of my favorites in electronic music at […]

[INDIE/DANCE] Haim – “If I Could Change Your Mind” (The Knocks Remix) [Free Download]

[INDIE/DANCE] Haim - "If I Could Change Your Mind" (The Knocks Remix)

Picking the right ‘thing’ is important. From your morning cup of coffee to the girl of your dreams to picking your March Madness bracket or Lottery numbers, making sure you select correctly can have a drastic impact on the outcome of whatever it is we’re doing. In that respect, I’d like to recruit New York […]

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] John Legend – “All Of Me” (Robots On The Run Remix)

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] John Legend - "All Of Me" (Robots On The Run Remix)

Grammy-award winning artist John Legend, known for making women weak in the knees and men jealous of his ability to make women weak in the knees, always makes a reappearance in my playlists once the weather begins to heat up. Perhaps it’s his soothing, warm vocals and effortless swag that permeate the atmosphere and exude […]

[CHILL/HOUSE] Benjamin Francis Leftwich – “Pictures” (FlicFlac & Bearson Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRONIC] Benjamin Francis Leftwich - "Pictures" (FlicFlac & Bearson Remix)

My ears have been everywhere from acoustic covers to banging electro house sounds over the past few days, but there’s been one track that I just haven’t been able to pry off my speakers this week. Not that I’ve been putting much effort into the endeavor – in fact, I’m probably encouraging it’s play more […]

[Dubstep] Borgore & Waka Flocka Flame & Paige – Wild Out (MUST DIE! Remix)


If I’m not mistaken, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to showcase MUST DIE! (on his own) here at The S&S, so please excuse me for taking full advantage of the situation. This dubstep guru also happens to be my favorite musician on planet earth! His tracks are consistently recognized as some of the most […]

[Drumstep] Downlink – Raw Power (Figure Remix)


Dear S&S nation, things are about to get buck wild up in here! For those of you not yet familiar with the infamous Figure, this bass music mastermind has become the go-to guy for matters concerning large and in charge drumstep bangers. Having said that, I feel like it’s been a little bit too long […]

[Electro/Dance] Protohype ft. Alina Renae – “Fly” (Louis The Child Remix)


It kind of feels like we’re becoming the official outlet for everything and anything Louis The Child. But hey, if  you’re in desperate need of some electro funkiness that will keep you jitterbugging (or whatever dance the kids do nowadays) from dusk till dawn, no one’s doing it bigger (and better) than these two kids […]

[HOUSE] Passenger – “Let Her Go” (Andy Caldwell Bootleg Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Grammy nominated American house DJ and producer Andy Caldwell has effectively remixed one of the biggest radio hits of the moment, British folk rock band Passenger‘s Let Her Go. The remix comes as a nice surprise as to date, there haven’t been many major (or very good) remixes of the chart hit. Andy changes this […]

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