[DARK INDIETRONICA] Ritual – “Low Season”


Reminiscing on the first time I cried over lost “love”; I must have been 14 having lost him because I looked 17 and yet claimed to be 19. I still carry the chain around my neck of our first thirtydaysary, what an idiotic concept but I was in love with having a reason to skip […]


oska faro

As this is my first entry of the year in the Hip-Hop arena, I’m feeling a bit vulnerable. My Top Hip-Hop of 2014 list was my first true voyage into the depths and subtleties of this expansive, ever-evolving genre. It was a challenge, but one that I feel I took a great deal of knowledge […]

[INDIE/ELECTRONIC] Petite Noir – “Chess”

petite noir - featured2

“That’s the real shit right there” – an anonymous background vocalist exclaims a little over a minute into “Chess”, seemingly on the receiving end of your telepathic transmissions. How did he know what I was thinking? In any case, it’s the real shit in all its positive connotations – that catchy beat driving a funky, […]



For I am the opposite of you As one we balance two After all that we have been thru All I need in this world is you LUH. – the new project from ex-WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn – are right. ‘Unites’ is a simple love song. But within its simplicity, […]

[PUNK] Iceage – Forever


Surprising as it may seem, the proto-martyrs of Danish punk Iceage found inspiration in 1960s Italian pop music, while recording sophomore record You’re Nothing. And while You’re Nothing featured the mournful, piano-led ‘Morals’ (said to be inspired by Mina Mazzini), it never truly deviated from the chaotic, feral punk they do so well. However with […]

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