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[UNRELEASED] Nirvana Releases 3 New Tracks

It’s been nearly twenty years since the birth of rock’s mangy little  cousin “grunge” in the soggy northwest city of Seattle, WA. With it, the public received one of rock’s greatest bands, Nirvana, changing the scene of music forever. Now, Nirvana (or more likely, their record execs) are setting free a deluxe and super-deluxe re-releases […]

[UNRELEASED] Daft Punk – Drive

One year before the release of Da Funk, Daft Punk‘s representation released their debut single, “The New Wave.” At some point between those two dates, the song “Drive” was produced, listened to, and subsequently shelved, never to be heard until nearly 20 years later. Soma Records just released the song to the masses, and it’s […]