9 Electrifying Elements You Can’t Miss At Lightning In A Bottle 2018

9 Electrifying Elements You Can’t Miss At Lightning In A Bottle 2018

9 Electrifying Elements You Can’t Miss At Lightning In A Bottle 2018


Lightning In A Bottle 2018 is only weeks away ??

Get your schedules and pens ready, because we’re here to help you plan your festival.

Lightning In A Bottle 2016, Andrew Sealy
Andrew Sealy, Lightning In A Bottle

With so much to do and see, Lightning In A Bottle can be quite overwhelming for the first timer. Hell, even veteran LIB’ers wish they had clones to see and hear it all.

Which is why we broke down a list of the top 9 most electrifying things to make sure and check out, schedule, and make Instagrammable at #LIB2018.

You may not be able to be everywhere at all times, but this list will make sure you don’t miss the highlights.

9 Electrifying Elements at Lightning In A Bottle 2018

1. A New Woogie Stage

Woogie Stage, Jacob Avanzato Photography
Glitzern Grime stage, Global Eclipse Gathering, Photo: Jacob Avanzato Photography

Word on the street is there’s a new Woogie Stage coming to LIB this year.

All the way from Australia, Glitzern Grime is coming to Lightning In A Bottle to create something a whole new look and feel for the infamous LIB dance grounds!

We don’t have a preview yet, but until then, enjoy the above photo of their epic Moon Stage design at Global Eclipse Gathering.

2. The Grand Artique

Lighting In A Bottle Passes
The Grand Artique Stage, Lightning In A Bottle 2016

The Grand Artique is returning to Lightning in a Bottle for the 8th year in a row.

Experience life in the town of Frontierville, featuring a fully immersive Trading Post and General Store, hotel, gypsy encampment, and a heavy hitting music line up that will have you stomping with hay fever all night.

Pro Tip: A secret password gets you into The Grand Artique speakeasy after hours, and it’s everything you want in an illegal establishment – from cross dressing jazz trumpet players to faux-illicit gambling tables.

3. Soap Box Derby

LIB Soap Box Derby, Photo: Andrew Jorgensen
LIB Soap Box Derby, Photo: Andrew Jorgensen

Not to be missed (as I’ve missed it every year so far), the LIB Soap Box Derby is my inner child’s dream come true. A mix of opening scenes from Cool Runnings and ending scenes of Little Rascals, the Soap Box Derby challenges participants to build and race their 4-wheeled creations downhill at probably more than safe speeds.

4. Live Painting, Artwalk, & ArtClave

Live painting at LIB, Photo: LostinSound
Live painting at LIB, Photo: LostinSound.org

Need inspiration? LIB invites more than 40 artists to transform blank canvases into incredible murals and paintings throughout the festival, concluding with an art walk and silent auction Sunday evening.

It’s a beautiful experience to watch some of the most talented graffiti, acrylic, and mixed media artists in creative flow.

If you have any creative achings of your own, LIB will offer art classes and hands-on workshops at the new interactive creative space, ArtClave. Cultivated and created by a community of artists and creators, ArtClave’s environment invites attendees of every skill level to activate their artist within.

5. Immersive Workshops

Fire making workshop, Lightning In A Bottle 2016
Fire making workshop, Lightning In A Bottle 2016

Create fire with sticks, mold leather, acquire alchemical potions, speak with tribal elders. All the knowledge is yours to take in at Lightning In A Bottle.

Learn by doing in hands-on workshops ranging in topics from skill-based trades and medicine making to sacred relationships and more.

If you’re into more of a food and wellness being, be sure to stop by the workshops at The Learning Kitchen. Dig into food-focused classes that feed and nourish your body in a variety of both ancient and modern kitchen traditions. Amateurs and seasoned cooks alike will learn culinary techniques and the fundamentals of health, in order to cook with joy and confidence.

6. Art Installations

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Eric Allen
Lightning In A Bottle Art Installations, Photo: Eric Allen Photo

Lightning In A Bottle isn’t just about music. You should be getting the hint by now.

One of my favorite things to do late night is getting lost exploring LIB’s array of larger than life art installations, carefully curated each year to fully immerse you into LIB’s beautiful surroundings and lush landscape.

Find a partner in crime, find an art installation, and wait for the best part of the day…

7. Sunsets

Lightning In A Bottle, Get Tiny Photography
Lightning In A Bottle sunset, Photo: Get Tiny Photography

Magical at any spot on the planet, sunsets at Lightning In A Bottle carry just a little extra spark in them.

Perhaps it’s the beautiful silhouettes of the giant art installations and stages, or perhaps it’s the person you found to be your PIC and they’re sitting next to you in that beautiful art piece you discovered.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to howl when the sun completely sets behind the mountain. You’ll know what to do when the time comes, I promise 😉

8. Performance Art

Lightning In A Bottle 2016 Characters
Lightning In A Bottle 2016 Characters

Whether enchanting on stage or mingling within the crowd, the performance artists at LIB will take your breath away.

The true magic starts outside the musical stages – really, as you enter the grounds – however, don’t pass up your opportunity to interact and play with the roaming performers.

LIB is full of places and spaces packed with lively, participatory fun and shenanigans that go till the sun comes up. Let your child out, explore, and try on a different character for a night.

9. Lake LIB

Lightning In A Bottle 2018, Jess Bernstein Photography
Lightning In A Bottle Lake, Photo: Jess Bernstein Photography

If you’ve attended to LIB prior to 2017, you’ll know that water never used to be a part of the Lightning In A Bottle experience. Dust, ditches, and a dry lake bed, however, was.

Cue Lake LIB, aka Lake San Antonio, the place to take a dip, cool off, and show Mother Nature some gratitude for giving us this resource.

Don’t forget your floaties!

lightning in a bottle 2018
Lightning In A Bottle, Photo: Watchara

Tickets for Lightning In A Bottle 2018 are still available here – don’t miss out on all the fun!


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