[BAND SPOTLIGHT] Fight Clvb’s First Rule? F*ck All Rules, Make Music (Maybe Love)

[BAND SPOTLIGHT] Fight Clvb’s First Rule? F*ck All Rules, Make Music (Maybe Love)

[BAND SPOTLIGHT] Fight Clvb’s First Rule? F*ck All Rules, Make Music (Maybe Love)



The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club… Yeah, we invoked its name. All the Edward Norton super-fans snarl. Like him. Yeah, you. The one in Oklahoma City sniffing that gym sock of ‘his’ you bought on e-bay. I see you. He’s never going to love you back. You’ll never best Brad Pitt in some anarcho-primitivist brawl. But FIGHT CLVB, the band: they’ll love you. Better yet, every bit of performance art and music exhales the spirit of that movie bombastically-as-fuck.



The duo consisting of SAV and the notorious Mystereo have seemed to come out of nowhere like an uppercut to the face – in a good way. With a Fall Tour, collaboration with rapper Titus on the instant hit “Rude Boi”, and releases on massive imprints like Afrojack’s Wall Recordings and Steve Aoki‘s DIM MAK, this is clearly only the beginning of the mayhem.

We caught up with Fight Clvb in New York after they headlined BangOn!’s Elements Music & Arts Festival and the Billboard Hot 100 Festival. Here’s what you need to know about the #jungleterror troublemakers.

Their live shows are unlike anything else. Mystereo alone would be enough to be a differentiator from your standard fare, but the duo is also known for throwing burgers into the crowd, a female push-up contest, and Mystereo’s alter ego, Shade.

Hold up – flying burger?
Female push-up contest?

You read it correctly. For every show, Mystereo cooks hamburgers on a George Foreman grill, and throws them into the audience. Towards the end, Sav calls girls to come up on stage – but not to dance – for a pushup contest. Lesson learned? When it comes to a Fight Clvb show, come hungry, and ready to sweat.

That’s not randomness, either. It’s all part of the braininess that goes into their art. Radical performance art true to the blow the world up intent of David Fincher. FIGHT CLVB are like The new Situationist International. They see a space. Like a concert. A subway car. And they say

We’re going to show you a whole new way
To. Be.
To. Be. Here.

More of the places you stomp your feet in everyday than is healthy to analyze are already defined for you before you get there. We think public space is a melting pot of all sorts of shit about to pop it into motion; but you already know what kind of experience you’re gonna have. Everywhere. Because concerts. And subway cars. Have laws and power dynamics and social cues and ‘let’s not be an asshole today’ adjustments already built in them. And everyone knows what to do. What not to do so you don’t fall just out of the normal groove. Or straight into ‘dude, that guy’s crazy’ territory. But FIGHT CLVB see the banality of our concert lives and throw cheeseburgers into the mix. Fuck up the order, one meat projectile cushioned in a sesame seed bun at a time.



Fight Clvb’s hype-man is a man of mystery behind a mask. He knows how to get the party started, and started a following of his own, with eager fans showing up with fatheads to demonstrate their loyalty. Part of Mystereo’s mystique aside from his mask and raspy, villain-like voice? His pet bat, Baby Eddie Jr. (Not a real bat. Cos splinters and smashed skulls post-show a little smashed does not a sexy concert make. That said, dark things befell his first bat-child. When asked what happened to Baby Eddie the first. well, all we got is it’s a touchy subject.


Rude Boi is a smash hit

The collab between Fight Clvb and rapper Titus has been an unexpected goldmine. Their single “Rude Boi” has skyrocketed them into popularity, with Afrojack grabbing the track for release. The band gave us the low down.


I was always into different hip hop producers, but I saw RL Grime – one of the best shows I’ve ever seen – that was when I was like,

I’m going to do my thing, but I’m going to change the medium I do it on.

My producer was the one that helped me get into it and helped me meet Fight Clvb.”


It’s always challenging to play a song that no one has ever heard before, and [Titus] just killed it. He sent us the vocals two days before our show, and the crowd loved it.

But as a producer, you always hear things you want to fine tune.


And as a hypeman, I tell them,

This shit’s gonna blow the f*ck up. Play it louder!

Rude Boi has gone on to be the title of their new EP, which will be released by Wall Recordings on August 31.


Their Fall Tour is going to spread the Jungle Fever. =including a special performance in Vegas!
Fight Clvb kicked it off on August 18, and have a jam-packed schedule across North America (see below). And ////special announcement//// – one of the stops will be in Las Vegas on October 10 at Drai’s. You heard it first here.

The duo also has a new song, “Sus” coming out in September that is quite different from their repertoire.

“Our style is very experimental, so our challenge is meshing what we’re creating while still appealing to mainstream crowd.”

Check out all these dates courtesy of APA Agency to party with Fight Clvb, and follow them to stay in the know

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