[BASS/HOUSE] F.O.O.L. – “Throne” (Free Download)

[BASS/HOUSE] F.O.O.L. – “Throne” (Free Download)

[BASS/HOUSE] F.O.O.L. – “Throne” (Free Download)


[BASS/HOUSE] F.O.O.L. - "Throne" (Monstercat Records)

F.O.O.L., the alter-ego of Swedish musician Rasmus Hermansen, just released a massive track called ‘Throne’, and we couldn’t be more stoked. In his latest release on Monstercat, ‘Throne’ is a thumping electro house track that proves his production skills are truly superior. And better yet, he’s released this high energy track as a free download– it’s like the perfect pre-weekend gift. 

Rasmus is only 21 years old, but is no stranger to the electronic music scene. He’s been a European-electro favorite since 2009, and has a wide array of musical influence and experience ranging from melodic metal, hip hop and reggae to even film soundtracks and orchestral music akin to Hans Zimmer.

F.O.O.L is an abbreviation for “Fuck Our Ordinary Lives,” an appropriate stage name for a guy whose hard hitting yet smooth bass takes us into a futuristic, cinematic soundscape. And on this dull Thursday, I like many people am thankful for a moment where the pressures of life fade into a better, electronic adventure.

Keep your ears open for F.O.O.L., who will continue to turn heads with his abilities in the forthcoming months.

Free Download: http://monster.cat/1vNiFOU



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