BROCKHAMPTON release mesmerizing video for ‘BOOGIE’

BROCKHAMPTON release mesmerizing video for ‘BOOGIE’

BROCKHAMPTON release mesmerizing video for ‘BOOGIE’


BROCKHAMPTON is America’s hottest boy band. The group has made national headlines over the past few months after the subsequent releases of Saturation I and II, in June and August respectively. The group takes hip hop and deconstructs it, flips the script, hell—they subvert the genre in its entirety.

Having recently watched Ad Rock’s (Beastie Boys) interview with Sway Calloway, the retired artist drove one point home: young rappers do not and should not look toward the early aughts of hip hop to create a framework for their craft. Furthermore: they don’t care to—sorry Joe Budden.

Now, this isn’t to discredit such acclaimed artists as Dr. Dre, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Beastie Boys, or even more recent legends like Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, this is not to say that America’s hottest boyband doesn’t wholeheartedly appreciate hip hop’s legends, they likely do.

However, one thing is certain.

BROCKHAMPTON Are Here To Fuck Shit Up

True to their character, BROCKHAMPTON are capturing a singular moment in hip hop history. There is no framework for a hip hop collective that also directs films, markets their own content, which was founded by a bunch of kids that met on the internet: they have created their own framework and captured their moment.

The group’s apparent frontman—Kevin Abstract—is an off kilter, highly non traditional creative force that is determined to flip the script on hip hop’s tried and true narrative. In past songs he’s sang lyrics like “My boyfriend saved me / My mother’s homophobic / I’m stuck in the closet / I’m so claustrophobic.”

BROCKHAMPTON is gearing up for the release of the third edition—and what is supposedly slated to be the group’s last edition—of the Saturation series, the final puzzle piece for a rap collective that came and left in a flash.

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