[CHILL/DUBSTEP] Jaymes Young – “Fragments” (Clark Kent Remix)

[CHILL/DUBSTEP] Jaymes Young – “Fragments” (Clark Kent Remix)

[CHILL/DUBSTEP] Jaymes Young – “Fragments” (Clark Kent Remix)


[CHILL/DUBSTEP] Jaymes Young - "Fragments" (Clark Kent Remix)

While you may know Clark Kent from your childhood as the mild-mannered alter ego of Superman, it’s time we introduced you to the other, more musically inclined Clark Kent – the 20 year old Santa Cruz producer/DJ who has been gaining momentum from his beautifully orchestrated, melodic dubstep sounds.

It seems as though every song I listen to this week deals with the subject of heartache and despair – appropriate timing for what’s going on in my life, however not the feelings I want to dwell on currently.

“I just thought you should know that even though you broke my bones, your soul is where I made my home.”

The single from Jaymes Young is drenched with the melancholy of love, love lost, and recovering (or not) from the sometimes devastating nature of the fragmented bits and pieces that derive from those relationships. While the original single is filled with those broken emotions, Clark Kent never veers from those feelings. Instead, he plays up those emotions by layering in a melodic composition of strings, percussive elements, and a chilled out dubstep influence. This one is perfect for the slow mornings and nights where you just need to spend time in your head, so listen to the remix below and grab your free download via Clark Kent’s Soundcloud.




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