Coldplay’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP Is The Group At A New Sonic Height

Coldplay’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP Is The Group At A New Sonic Height

Coldplay’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP Is The Group At A New Sonic Height


Coldplay’s latest EP, standing at just five tracks is more of an extended pause for the powerhouse pop group than an extended play and marks a departure (sonically-speaking) from the monumental pop group its fans (and their fair share of haters) have come to know, love, and expect.

This holds most true almost unmistakably in its very first minute.

Upon initially listening, at least until Chris Martin’s whimsical voice swoops its listener away, the listener may really have no idea this is the same Coldplay that collaborated with The Chainsmokers on “Something Just Like This,” just this year.

Even drum kicks and a smooth baseline drive the EP’s first track much like a quintessential indie rock ballad. On “All I Can Think About Is You,” the group’s bringing forth a new style which is certainly an interesting decision for a group of their stature.

It’s worth mentioning though, that being part of a musical group is very much akin to experiencing change. A sonic expansion, or that of one’s sound, as a band ages is unavoidable.

Coldplay fans have certainly seen many shades of the group’s artistry.

Regardless of how one personally feels about the group’s music, Coldplay has changed the course of pop music over the course of the last century. Chris Martin has one of the most enticing voices in the modern pop realm, as well as a keen knack for turning melodies into anthems of ages, permeating borders and stretching the band’s fandom worldwide along the way.

Perhaps the greatest representation of the band’s musical affluence is brought forth on the new EP’s second track, “Miracles (Someone Special).”

Enlisting rapper Big Sean on the track, the group opens itself with up “Miracles (Someone Special),” to a new sound. Whilst discussing the prioritization of passion and learning to think and work for one’s self, Chris Martin recollects on his own experiences, like learning the importance of when one should accept their differences as that which sets them apart.

Martin and Sean each lament on the mentioned, reminding the track’s listeners of the immense importance of cultivating passion, putting ideas into action, and the commitment that’s required in doing so.

There is no doubt that Kaleidoscope is the band trying to be different. It’s a band working to expand its sound and to push the boundaries of pop, beyond a simple enlisting of *insert radio musician name here*.

Kaleidoscope is an EP from a group that has at last surmounted to working towards diversity in their pop, and with the group’s place in the industry, hopefully, it will bring about a great amount of influence as well.



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