[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera

[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera

[CONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera


[CCONCERT REVIEW/PHOTO RECAP] Lotus And The Floozies Tear Up The Riviera

Lotus dropped by our hometown of Chicago last weekend for a pair of dope back to back shows. Unfortunately, I did not attend night one (Friday, April 11th) of this magnificent music extravaganza. Night two however, well, that’s an entirely different story. While Friday featured openers like Penguin Prison and Gigamesh, Saturday brought out some names more up my alley with Daedelus & The Floozies. I was fortunate enough to catch half of Daedelus’ set and full sets from both The Floozies & Lotus. Now that’s what I call an unforgettable night!

When I arrived at The Riviera (One of my favorite venues in Chicago) on Saturday night, I could already sense the excitement in the air. As I walked towards the stage, I noticed that Daedelus was currently smack dab in the middle of his set. I can never tell what’s more unique about this guy, his tunes or his look? Either way, he did an excellent job of keeping the already surprisingly large crowd engaged and interested. And as music fans, isn’t that all we can ask for?

After Daedelus wrapped things up, The Floozies took to the stage with their ridiculously funky rhythms! Having solidified themselves as one of the premier up-and-coming acts on the electronic/jam band music scene, I had little doubt that this duo would bring their A game. There was literally not a single moment during their set that I didn’t find myself getting down to their infectious productions.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for, Lotus! I’ve actually been fortunate enough to see this group perform countless times over the past few years and I always walk away from their shows feeling satisfied. Like I kept telling my friends, there’s just no such thing as a bad Lotus set. It just doesn’t happen. On this particular night, the guys played two separate hour plus long sets, and, as always, did their best to use their remarkable sound & stellar stage setup to keep every individual in the venue involved. I have EDM addict written all over me, but there’s just something about watching this band that brings out the hippie in all of us. Lotus left one hell of a lasting impression on our city of Chicago this past weekend, hopefully you were able to partake in some of the festivities.

Check out our full photo recap of the night below and relive all the amazing experiences the night had to offer.

All photos taken by: Vladimir Zaytsev


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