[DARK DANCE] Ayer- Young (Synchronice Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[DARK DANCE] Ayer- Young (Synchronice Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[DARK DANCE] Ayer- Young (Synchronice Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]



And it feels kind of like we are forever young. It feels like nothing’s going to tear us down.  I don’t believe that. I mean, I’ve been shot in the knee and been smacked in the face with the tire iron of life enough times to know it’s just a sexy fantasy. Still, I limped my way to every party, because I don’t care if we’re bleeding from the eyes, nothing.ain’t.gonna.get.us.down. Or, you know, let’s move away from accidentally killing myself in a metaphor, and just say that exploration of life at its most raucous, when all your barriers are down and you’re just  submitting to a lover on the dancefloor like a cannibal, like those gay german cannibals in 2003.

Shit. Nope, on the wrong track again. Let’s just say, we’re dark people; but we’ve battled enough bruises and let shiners shine to know we could spend life swallowed by the sea of ourselves, and yet we don’t. Because goddamn it the dancefloor,  of letting go of all these traces of our legacies for the freedom of strobe lights shooting through us and carrying us off into the night, onto the wonderfully drunken stumbling home that feels like foreplay with the world: that keeps us feeling foevery young, no matter if we were just gored that day.

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