[DARK POP] Olivver- Revvival

[DARK POP] Olivver- Revvival

[DARK POP] Olivver- Revvival



Rebirth is kind of my thing, yo. Maybe it’s because I feel without being in a constant of peeling myself away I’ll trick myself into becoming a cold block of deadwood; or maybe it’s because my life has been as tempestuous as I really make it out to be. Hint: it’s a bit of both, but that’s because I’ve found being in the constant moment the hardest fucking thing I ever have to continually do.  My trauma bubble hugs me, but it also drives me to a place of destruction where revival has been all I’ve had left after I pushed away all that was left.

So Olivver’s track, makes me feel alive in the ways that only an embrace with a twisted, best friend can. The synths splash into my eyes, entrancing me into awareness of the tightness of my own emotions. And as the song unearths layer, upon layer of its own feelings, the same process mirrors in me. The room starts to spin as the brambley deadwood I kept all the good stuff in my heart under abates and the synths wash them out in a flood. And I can’t tell if this is revival or an oasis in the desert of my mind; but, damn, it feels good regardless.

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