[DARK POP] Sailor and I- Turn Around

[DARK POP] Sailor and I- Turn Around

[DARK POP] Sailor and I- Turn Around



You can turn around. You can turn it around. And around, and motherfucking around until you’re the eye of your own hurricane. And Sailor and I gets that. Honestly, if this song came from anyone but he of last year’s hymnal for the heavy hearted ”Tough Love’, it’d be proper generic. But he’s earned it; and it lends mountains to his vocals.  Last summer,  ‘Tough Love’ mainlined into the indie scene’s collective veins a fear of complacency.  So many of us were guilty of it. Admit it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom the lyrics “It’s not getting any better/I never thought I’d become so cold’ hit a little too close to home.

So it’s fitting that ‘Turn Around’ finds us in its entirety within a torrent of disconcerting thunderous synths and drums amidst  lyrics that feel as confident as they do pleading. Walking out of the state of ‘Tough Love’ to all the glorious promise held within the anxiety of every note on this track, was always going to be chaotic. But, hey, you little typhoon: reach out your hand, maybe someone will grab it. And maybe you’ll be just fine.  Fuck knows you’ve earned it.

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