[DARK POP] Wildcat! Wildcat!- Hero

[DARK POP] Wildcat! Wildcat!- Hero

[DARK POP] Wildcat! Wildcat!- Hero




Battle fatigue. It’s inevitable when ‘one more night’ until the relief comes turns into a life standing with eyes accustomed for pitch black portions of the soul and stumbling towards an exit strategy. And you’re swinging your sword made of whatever you assume is truth at the life barriers that hound you; but to an outsider  all that ‘knowledge’ looks foolish, the crystallization of a sudden collapse of life and the need to make sense of what you know. Maybe even the collapse happened at an early age, at which even the most old soul young’in must wait to be a proper knight, capable of saving themself.   And all that fighting, waiting ‘for [the] one more dagger in sight’ leaves you unwilling or unable to stop for food, emotional manna.  And you’re hollow, with any other burden (i.e. chance to be a human towards another human) coming your way causing you to flee at the weight of it on your fragile frame.

It’s enough to call out for a hero. But let’s be honest: heroes rarely come. That’s for the fucking movies. And that’s what Wildcat! Wildcat!’s new single valiantly explores: well, what happens when you’re waiting and waiting, and waiting while the panic seeps in under your fake, placid smile assuring yourself shit’s going to be all right. But that’s the irony of battle fatigue. At their weakest, every self-warrior in training will reach a point of hitting the ground and tasting dirt, the blood of their struggles mixed in; and then…rise up. Because a lifetime–or a long time–of fighting for a way out only leaves you two options: win this war or damn, just die. And if you’re willing to fight for yourself your whole life, taking on your hero and becoming it feels like the only choice worth a damn.

Wildcat! Wildcat!’s new single is stunning in the way it hones in on so much rich, sonic feeling  in a short span, ringing with a dark pop authenticity that flavours the best of anthemic tracks. It has all the mercurial elements that make Breton and Lovelife perfection and amps them up to a stadium sized crowd–or even just the stadium of emotions in your own head.

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