[DEEP] Lane 8 – DHA Mixtape #204

[DEEP] Lane 8 – DHA Mixtape #204

[DEEP] Lane 8 – DHA Mixtape #204


Sitting here doing some mindless work that needed some fuelling and came across this hour long blast of euphoria through my veins with a quick shot. – New DHA Mixtape

Made my mind wander. Look at the condensed lights. Look at the magnitude of emptiness. I want to touch the ground where there is no light.

Look at the USA, look at Europe. My home isn’t even close to as lit as these places. And I still feel the urge to drop the mindless activity I’m currently processing, and buy a boat. Have you seen those mini luxury boat pods? I want to live on one of those with just some paints and a pencil and some paper and a bar of soap. I hate smelling bad.

Did you know Lane 8 recently announced the launch of his new event/label This Never Happened? the concept aims to isolate the disruption of technology from the club experience. That’s what used to make club experiences so captivating. Only the people present understood and kept those memories. I hate sharing memories. Those are mine. Go make your own.

This was a nice escape from my mindless activity. I have to get back to it now.

If you need an hour to escape. You’re welcome.


Icarus – Home ft AURORA (Lane 8 Remix)
Yotto – Crosswalk
Bellville & Fabio Montana – Time Machine (Third Son Remix)
Beatamines & Einmusik – Meet Your Ears
Frank Weidemann – Moorthon II
Oliver Schories – Gaze
Etapp Kyle – Opto
K.A.L.I.L. – Fog
Lane 8 – Fingerprint
Solee – Ten

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