[ELECTRO] Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli – “Around The Block”

[ELECTRO] Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli – “Around The Block”

[ELECTRO] Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli – “Around The Block”


[ELECTRO] Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli - "Around The Block"

Canadian electro-jam master Pretty Lights has dropped his newest single “Around The Block” off his upcoming album, A Color Map of the Sun, which is set to drop July 2. A feel-good, summertime hip-hop jam, “Around The Block” features the smooth lyricism of BKMC Talib Kweli with a message all about slowing down and enjoying the best moments in life. True to the Pretty Lights style, A Color Map of the Sun will be available for download at no cost to the fans.

Download “Around The Block” at no cost now and pre-order the album at Pretty Lights’ Website.

“It has been 2 years, 5 months and 24 days since I last released a record. I am properly delighted to announce the release of my new full-length album “A Color Map of the Sun.” I began work on this album/project/experiment in February of 2011 and spent a year creating my own vinyl collection of everything I needed to produce the album I heard in my head. I spent the next year producing songs with homemade vinyl samples and a big crazy analog synth I built just for this album. It is truly Analog Electronica. It’s soulful electro hip-hop that went back in time to learn from the life of its smooth ass grandparents.” -Derek Vincent Smith



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