[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce – “Slippin Into Darkness” (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce – “Slippin Into Darkness” (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce – “Slippin Into Darkness” (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne) [Free Download]


[ELECTRO/FUNK] Lettuce - "Slippin Into Darkness" (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Breanne)

For those nights when I really need to chill out, fall into a groove and just let the music wash over me, a good dose of electro funk really hits the spot. I use the term ‘electro funk’ here to generically encompass the wide variety of sounds that are incorporated within – from jazz to hip-hop, blues and bass. Coming from my years of playing jazz music growing up, the bluesier and jazzier the track is, the more I enjoy it. A few names come to mind when this genre is brought up, but sitting atop that list at the moment is sax wielding beatmaker GRiZ. With a roaring big band intro and wailing trumpets, the Detroit producer leads us through his sax-infused remix of Lettuce‘s 2012 single, “Slippin Into Darkness”. Leaning heavy on the funk and bass, GRiZ also incorporates elements of hip-hop and and a bit of sax improv for a thoroughly enjoyable blend of smooth taste with just the right amount of bite. So sit back, chill out and enjoy the brew below.

Grab your free download of GRiZ’s remix of “Slippin Into Darkness” via his Soundcloud page here.


GRiZ Power In Numbers Tour Dates
w/ Michal Menert &
Late Night Radio

4/3/14 @ Marquette, MI | Northern Michigan University
4/4/14 @ Fargo, ND | The Venue
4/8/14 @ Lincoln, NE | Bourbon Theatre
4/9/14 @ Iowa City, IA | Blue Moose
4/10/14 @ Milwaukee, WI | Eagles Ballroom
4/11/14 @ Grand Rapids, MI | Intersection
4/12/14 @ Athens, OH | #Fest *
4/15/14 @ Pittsburgh, PA | Rex Theatre
4/16/14 @ Charlottesville, VA | Jefferson Theatre
4/17/14 @ Charlotte, NC | Chop Shop
4/18/14 @ Charleston, SC | Music Farm
4/19/14 @ Orlando, FL | Firestone Live
4/20/14 @ Miami, FL | Grand Central
4/23/14 @ Tampa, FL | The Ritz Ybor
4/24/14 @ Jacksonville, FL | Freebird
4/25/14 @ Pensacola, FL | Vinyl Music Hall
4/26/14 @ Counterpoint Music Festival | Kingston, GA *
4/29/14 @ Fayetteville, AR | George’s Majestic
4/30/14 @ Columbia, MO | Blue Note
5/1/14 @ Tulsa, OK | Cain’s Ballroom
5/2/14 @ Dallas, TX | JMBLYA *
5/3/14 @ New Braunfels, TX | JMBLYA *

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