[ELECTRONIC] Collarbones – “Turning” (Flume Remix)

[ELECTRONIC] Collarbones – “Turning” (Flume Remix)

[ELECTRONIC] Collarbones – “Turning” (Flume Remix)


[ELECTRONIC] Collarbones - "Turning" (Flume Remix)

“Don’t you know I love the way that I’m turning.
You make make me feel like someone new.

Transformation is fucking hard. To quote Zoolander at an opportune moment, “I’m not an ambi-turner. It’s a problem I’ve had since I was baby. … I can’t turn left.” In this case, turning can be so fucking difficult. After all, we can never know what we don’t know – unless we have someone there to open up those new understandings for us. It’s a journey of vulnerability, relinquishment, surrender, and incredible new self-discoveries. But fuck, it ain’t easy. My personal journey of transformation hasn’t been consciously undertaken for very long – though one can argue it’s been happening all my life – and as it begins it’s crest over my daily life I find myself turning in all sorts of new directions. Am I new? Maybe. Confused? At times, absolutely. Happy? Yes, most definitely. I do love the way I’m turning, although my compass can’t always tell me which pole I’m focused on and when. And while I haven’t found that special ‘You’ in my life, there are most certainly a lot of you’s, and I want to thank them all for helping to turn me in the right direction.

On the heels of a string of sold-out U.S. dates, internationally acclaimed beatmaker Flume has blown minds once again with his complete transformation of fellow Australians Collarbones’ “Turning.” Since sometime around his Disclosure mix, Flume has been no stranger to transformation, altering the musical landscape almost single-handedly.

Check out the supremely trippy music video below and make sure to grab your Flume remix of “Turning” here.

Tour Dates:
July 9 Lisbon, Portugal NOS Alive Festival
July 10 Pont Du Gard, France Lives Au Pont
July 11 Paris, France Peacock Festival
July 12 Rome, Italy Rock in Roma
July 16 Dour, Belgium Dour Festival
July 17 Ferropolis, Germany Melt Festival
July 18 London, United Kingdom Lovebox Festival
July 19 Carhaix, France Les Vieilles Charrues
July 24–26 Fuji, Japan Fuji Rock Festival
August 23 Los Angeles, CA FYF Festival


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