[ELECTRONIC] Thriftworks Trills Fans With ‘The Feather And The Sword’ EP

[ELECTRONIC] Thriftworks Trills Fans With ‘The Feather And The Sword’ EP

[ELECTRONIC] Thriftworks Trills Fans With ‘The Feather And The Sword’ EP


Thriftworks has once again demonstrated his talent in his newest EP, The Feather and the Sword. Five songs following a fun, melodic melody that makes this EP exciting to listen to. He implements his tasteful, experimental style in creatively into each one of his songs and this EP is no different. Sit back and let Thriftworks boggle your mind throughout ‘The Feather and the Sword’.

               Of The Hill

Funky xylophones introduce the listener into the EP with a calming tone before the rest of the song comes in to add a tribal feel. Soft vocals samples of foreign languages glide along the undertow to accompany the soft, experimental vibe that it radiates. Thriftworks creates a song that is easy to listen and easy to enjoy – this song kicks the EP off splendidly.

               Bone Roaster’s Anthem

A minimal intro however it slowly builds in structure to carry the song pleasantly for the entire 4:28 minutes of the song. The anthem follows a slow and melodic tone that has a lot of strange and experimental sounds ringing in and out of focus however it only adds to the creepy visualization that the song provides.

               Flap Jack’s Revenge

Vengeful and tasteful. Sheesh. After the past two songs were slow and playful, this song hits and it isn’t playing around. Extremely experimental however the sounds implemented together to form such an exciting and climatic peak within the albums timeline. It was released no more than 24 hours ago and already this song has 18.8K plays – clearly making it his most popular on the entire EP, and my personal favorite as well.

               The Tinker Tyrant

Thriftworks brings the excitement back down but not too much. He creates a fun and trippy sound that leaves one tapping their feet and nodding their head. The climactic comedown, the resolution to the energy portrayed in the last song makes this a key piece in this story portrayed through The Feather and the Sword.

               Vanilla Pea Milker

My very dominate second favorite within this EP, Vanilla Pea Milker is the experimental resolution to the story; the concluding song that leaves its listeners eargasming. The sounds of a high-definition fall through space. It is faster and more interactive than a majority of the songs on the EP and has a deep, wet sound that entices the listener and draws them in intently. Thriftworks truly exceeded the expectations of thousands with the creation of The Feather And The Sword and is a definite must-see this summer during the festival season.

‘The Feather And The Sword’ is available via Thriftworks’ Bandcamp for “Name Your Price”.

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