[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Deliver the State of Union of EDM in Tasty Beats Vol. 13 Aurora Boreanus

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Deliver the State of Union of EDM in Tasty Beats Vol. 13 Aurora Boreanus

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Deliver the State of Union of EDM in Tasty Beats Vol. 13 Aurora Boreanus


You have got to hand it to the boys. Despite their growing success, Milk N Cooks have consistently remained true to themselves throughout their existence as career producing and performing artists. While music genre fads have come and gone in the past five years, they have remained devoted to the “frat-homie-electro-groove” sound that propelled them past that college dj booth and onto the festival main stage; quite a few actually.  This has proven to be a smart move, as their loyal fan base of ragers continually grows so does the reach of their influence on the music scene.

Milk N Cooks have been spreading their butt cheeks, so to say, by opening a new record label last year simply named Kitchin Records. This has given them a platform to release tracks on their own terms while promoting Chicago based dope-ness on an even grander scale. Artists such as INZO, Finding Hope & Stratus all have track releases on Kitchin Records and I will be joining the the cooks in the Kitchin, with my own original track releasing on April 4th, 2016.  You will no doubt be able to catch this homie squad wrecking havoc in Chicago clubs and area festivals alls summer long.

Below you will find the twin’s latest Tasty Beats. Play it. Now continue.

Diligently named Aurora Boreanus, the mix provides several rocket propelled transitions and some absolute fire drops. Simply put the mix does EDM right. It is the current “state of the union” for EDM music and I have to say it seems that EDM has grown past those weird pubescent years of Swedish Mafia synth overload and is evolving into a young tight groovy stallion ready to suck today’s metaphorical dick. The intro alone will catapult you into a world of wonder, making your jaw drop before the first track even does. The mix is good for the home, car or gym. Throw this ninja mix on ASAP and be sure to check out the bro’s upcoming tour dates below. ayy.

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