[GOODSEX TIPS] Trentino, J. Worra & Stratus All Released New Music This Week

[GOODSEX TIPS] Trentino, J. Worra & Stratus All Released New Music This Week

[GOODSEX TIPS] Trentino, J. Worra & Stratus All Released New Music This Week


Very rarely do you get three Chicago natives all dropping heat in one week, but here you have it, three artists, each showcasing a unique sounds in three unique tracks. Trentino, J. Worra & Stratus have brought the status quo up several musical notches for Chicago based producers. Check them out below and don’t worry under each track I have written a short piece of my GoodSex thoughts while listening. ENJOY these diverse tunes and grab those downloads below.

Stratus has released a masterpiece of juxtaposing sounds in his remix of “Feel So High.” I feel as though I have have been thrown into a exciting synth explosion that brings me back to an 90s action video game as you are progressing to the final boss. This boss is the drop and he is throwing his dubstep head back and forth as you, the action hero, attempt to destroy this digital devil and claim your princess. I am very impressed with this one, grab a FREE download HERE and add this to your playlist for conquering life.

Trentino combines Jersey Club and Phuture House with a thick layer of Bass in his revision of “Nothing Like This.” You will find yourself serenaded by the smooth R&B vocal lead as you bob your head to the four to the floor beat, but wait, theres more. Be ready to for some throw back dubstep growls that rival those of Flux Pavilion. This is a heater that will make any dance floor throb. Grab your FREE download HERE.

J. Worra has way with grungy Tech like no one else. Walking the fine line between Gee and Tech House, this rising producer creates a perfect grey area of balance. I like to call it Gangster Tech and the best part this specific vibe is created with her unique industrial sound and percussion pattern, very little vocals are used.  I am really digging this track, it can be played in the depths of a warehouse afters or on the main floor as the rising action to your climax. Grab a download HERE and put this jam to work.

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