[INDIE ELECTRONICA] Kat Vinter – Sooner or Later

[INDIE ELECTRONICA] Kat Vinter – Sooner or Later

[INDIE ELECTRONICA] Kat Vinter – Sooner or Later


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I am a million pieces, I don’t know.
How to put them back together; even though, I tried every combination, but never got it right.

The azure name tag around my neck burns from 8 to 5 telling me to focus on my mission, Colgate didn’t win the morning war against Grey Goose and there’s not enough Clinique in my bag to cover up a week of indiscretions. You’d think that in this mess I’d have better things to think about than the heels I’ll match to tonight’s little black dress, which reminds me to cancel my 7PM shrink appointment, there’s no way I can schedule in calibration of meds, smokey eyes take time to master.

I haven’t figured out which lie I’ll tell tonight or who it is that I’m deceiving, only morning will tell and my assistant just said boss three times before I realized the authority figure addressed is me, what a joke.

Kat Vinter‘s Sooner Or Later is the anthem to my puzzle piece of a life. The person who has it all and feels nothing. The woman who hates to be loved and loves to be wanted. The daughter with all the talent and mistakes. The friend that no one knows. I am a thousand pieces of everything that can’t find arrangement and it’s never been said clearer.

Sooner or Later, we all break to fit in. Are we falling apart or are we just falling into place?

Tonight as I hear the echo of my stilettos lose harmony thanks to the freedom of alcoholism brought to me by ladies night I’ll be the flirt across the bar. There will be no higher calling other than the impulse of a hunt and the lack of better judgement. And tomorrow when I make it back into his arms, I’ll still be the girl across the bar, the one he made his 10 years ago and thought he changed, the one he calls love of his life. If only he knew; no one has every piece of me, not even me.

Maybe you’re the lesson, I never learned.


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