For I am the opposite of you
As one we balance two
After all that we have been thru
All I need in this world is you

LUH. – the new project from ex-WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn – are right. ‘Unites’ is a simple love song. But within its simplicity, for example the rhyming structure of the chorus (above), hides a beautiful tale of longing and realisation of love. Throughout ‘Unites’ there are grand romantic metaphors, which match the track’s sonic enormity. Drums drenched in reverb frame paradoxical and poetic musings on the confusion and beauty of love.

LUH. examine the concept of how love can unify two people with vastly differing ideas, influences and experiences. For example, Roberts opens by claiming that if his lover needed fire, he would dig a well. And then subsequently if his lover needed water, he would raise up hell. But, when one meets their soul mate, it is not the similarities that we share that drives love but the pure intangible connection we share. In essence we forever remain two people and even though our ideas on life may be poles apart, there is a unifying experience, which allows for a brilliant equilibrium (or ‘balance’ as Roberts puts it).  And in such equilibrium love becomes a collaborative process that allows for learning and experience, and Roberts states “And as I lay dying/you taught me to live/And with life I was selfish/You taught me to give”. Roberts’ voice, raw as ever, serves as an emotional driving force as he tugs and then tears the heart-strings.

A word must be mentioned regarding the song’s accompanying visual. Roberts, with WU LYF or in his solo output, has always been conscious of the importance of visual aesthetic. And in keeping with LUH.’s declaration of simplicity, the visual features Roberts and collaborator Ebony Hoorn rotating slowly, completely still. They balance with poise as projections of the busy world are cast upon them, and in their stillness, we are reminded of how love transcends time – freezing moments forever.

The beauty of this song genuinely cannot be underestimated. Quiet for almost a year now, Roberts’ return with LUH. is triumphant and exquisite.


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