[INDIE/DANCE] French Horn Rebellion ft. Ghost Beach – “Caaalifornia”

[INDIE/DANCE] French Horn Rebellion ft. Ghost Beach – “Caaalifornia”

[INDIE/DANCE] French Horn Rebellion ft. Ghost Beach – “Caaalifornia”


[INDIE/DANCE] French Horn Rebellion ft. Ghost Beach - "Caaalifornia"

I have a special place in my heart for California. After all, it’s the state I grew up in. And just because I no longer live there doesn’t mean I don’t miss the endless days of summer, the smell of my tangerine and lemon trees in our backyard, and the the laid back, west coast vibe that permeates the air. Unfortunately for a lot of people who grew up in the Midwest, those are memories best remembered from Hollywood movies and not from their childhood. Such is the case with French Horn Rebellion, two brothers – Robert and David Perlick-Molinari – born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who can only long for, and write music about longing for, California’s eternal summers. Which is exactly what their new track is about. “Caaalifornia” features the vocals of fellow NY residents Ghost Beach and emanates the sunny, pop vibes and bouncy synths one thinks of when conjuring the golden state. Check out what French Horn Rebellion has to say about the locale and listen to the single below.

“California: land of tan and healthy people, where the weather’s always perfect and the beaches are always warm. We all know someone who ventured westward looking for sunshine and waves, fulfilling their own manifest destiny. Growing up in the Midwest it seemed like a magical far-off land we only saw on television or in the movies– glitz, glamour and palm trees in So-Cal, Danny Tanner and trolley cars in No-Cal.

As we head into another winter we look West, remembering our past summer and longing for California’s eternal one. In our Next Jack Swing style, and featuring the vocals of Ghost Beach, this one goes out to all our friends who ventured to the best coast looking for an endless summer of surfing and tacos. Caaalifornia, we’re comin’ for ya!” – French Horn Rebellion



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