[INDIE/ELECTRONICA] Who The Hell Is Karma Fields?

[INDIE/ELECTRONICA] Who The Hell Is Karma Fields?

[INDIE/ELECTRONICA] Who The Hell Is Karma Fields?



Debuting an artist can take months of build up and Internet buzz. It’s always a risk and there’s always a chance it will fail. What Monstercat has done with Karma Fields is really impressive, and it seems the label has been able to build this buzz over night, but…who the hell IS Karma Fields?

In an age where social media statistics are what generally showcase your popularity, it’s so refreshing to see a new comer who has been revealed for their art rather than their followers. I guess having a label as influential as Monstercat behind you helps this to be possible, but the label’s dedication to this release is truly impressive. Taking a chance on an artist who’s so cutting edge and different is a risk, but with this release behind them I have no doubt it was worth the risk.

With only 1300 likes on Facebook and 859 SoundCloud followers (that’s after the release this past Monday) Karma Fields has been able to create an impressive amount of Internet hype this past week by “hacking” into the Monstercat’s weekly Twitch podcast #47.

Monstercat! You sneaky bastards. You’ve created something out of nothing and taken a step into the world of chance by debuting this artist as the newest addition to your label. This artist that seemingly has zero following and no presence in the industry has literally marched into the weekly podcast and demanded attention from Monstercat fans all around the world.

What a creative way to build groundwork for a brand new artist. What’s even more impressive is the intricate video that comes partnered with the song. This memorizing video comes from a collaboration with artist Raven Kwok, who implements a style of “Algorithmic Creatures” in all of the visuals, which complement the music beautifully. The entire audio/visual is a multi-sensory experience that’s certainly intriguing.

Between the advanced 3D mapping techniques that are used to create further images and depth of data in the visual and the hypnotic vocals supplied by the renowned Kerli, this track sounds as eclectic and experimental as the entire project feels. Karma Fields has stepped into an unknown exploration of audiovisual stimulation that leaves us speculating what’s to come.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddJiP3jRVJ8&w=640&h=315]

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