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[INDIE/ROCK] X Ambassadors – “Renegades”


“Long live the pioneers, rebels, and mutineers.”

Everyone called me crazy. Crazy because I didn’t fit in their comfortable little box of what life should be. Go to school, graduate and get a job, they said. Work your way up in your career, find a girlfriend and get married, they told me. Find a quaint little house, put a down payment and live to work for the rest of your life so you can save enough to one day retire and do what you love to do. But I already love what I do, I told them. And they replied, “But you’re crazy for doing that.”

“All hail the underdogs… It’s our time to break the rules.”

So I went with crazy. I embraced it and let crazy rule my life. I surrounded myself with other like minded renegades and together we’re turning life on it’s head. We are artists, salesmen, entrepreneurs, models, photographers, videographers, outlaws, and family. “Renegades” resounds as a tribute to the weird ones, the Galileos, Kubricks, and Spielbergs. We operate against the grain, our fantasies and visions grafted from the dreamworld and stitched together in reality, one that we’re in control of amidst all the choas. We play by our own rules and people think we’re crazy for it, but I beg to differ. I think they’re the ones that are crazy – for living a life dictated by someone else’s motives. X Ambassadors have provided the anthem, and now it’s time to go out and live an unreasonable life.

“Go forth and have no fear.”

Grab your copy of “Renegades” here.



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