[INDIETRONICA] HAERTS- Hemiplegia (Avec Sans Remix) [Free DL]

[INDIETRONICA] HAERTS- Hemiplegia (Avec Sans Remix) [Free DL]

[INDIETRONICA] HAERTS- Hemiplegia (Avec Sans Remix) [Free DL]



Paralysis and me, man, we kick the shit and down spirits in a spritous fashion. Ask me my favorite cocktail and I’ll tell you it’s an adios motherfucker (AMF), for, well, tautological reasons.  Eh, it’s not being drunk on self-destruction; it’s just denying yourself, allowing yourself to drag through life in a ‘hemiplegia[c]’ fashion: at half-metaphorical-power, with one side of your body rebelling being spurned into motion.  While one arm pulls you through the mud of your own making, I like to think of the other arm as texting bad influences, downing shots and punching against the approach of a hug.

So, yeah, it’s a world I’m familiar with; and when HAERTS (the sweetheart band with a caustic bite that championed my mind last year) came out with this track last year, I’d swim in the grandiosity of its synths. Losing myself in the lonely, comfortable numbness, I never imagined that a band like Avec Sans could turn the track anthemic. Focusing on a set of lyrics, ‘No, you can’t move up, with your eyes down’ (a couplet that HAERTS didn’t even find important enough to place on their official lyrics sheet), Avec Sans issues a clarion call to get yourself off the fucking ground.  Oh, and then go dance. Maybe first with the whiskey bottle in the mirror and then on a dancefloor like a real human. Avec Sans’ remix transforms hemiplegiacs everywhere into full fledged, life seeking club kids.

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