[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #2

[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #2

[SIGHTS] Inspiration Week #2



Inspiration Week #2

Welcome to week #2 of Inspiration. Random fact, if you type in 241543903 to the Google images search, the only thing you will find is pictures of people with their heads in freezers. Check it out it’s kind of cool. On to some inspiration! We have some great stuff for you this time, including some brass knuckle wedding rings, sheep with LED’s, and some amazing art work from all over the world!


I remember playing with one of these toys as a kid. I just sat around my living room banging keys all day long. I really love the composition of these pictures, and the color scheme is cool. Very retro.


This is kind of self-explanatory. So sick. ‘Till Death Do Us Apart by Kate Bauman.


Guerrilla street signs have been popping up in South Minneapolis recently touting everything from wandering trees to lost ninjas. “Random Act of Design” is the work of freelance graphic designer and recent transplant to Minneapolis Phil Jones.


This video is an amazing demonstration of what you can accomplish with a little creativity and determination, not to mention a lot of teamwork, time, and skill. These sheepherders put on a great show with LED’s strapped to the sheep. Props to the dogs too.


Cool collection of Japanese Graphic design from the 1920’s and 30’s. More here.


You have to watch this video to really describe how amazing these artists are. The mural they create together is pretty cool.

These paintings were done by painter & designer Marion Bolognesi, who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.  With her work, she hopes to capture the emotion and beauty of her subjects without hindering the natural fluidity of her medium.


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