[INTERVIEW] Bombs Away On Getting Low

[INTERVIEW] Bombs Away On Getting Low

[INTERVIEW] Bombs Away On Getting Low



We’ve been all over party banger “Squats” from Oh Snap! and Bombs Away for some time, and decided we should find out a little about the making of it from Aussie pairing Bombs Away. Check out our exclusive interview below…

Oh Snap! is on vocals for Squats. What do you think he brings to the track?

He’s one of the best guys to work with! It came together so well with his catchy hook so it never felt like work!

How long did Squats take to write since its inception?

Looking back at it, probably about 3 months of time overall, but we were both touring at the time so a lot of that was probably taken up with that. About a fortnight if you could condense it right down!

 How have fans taken to the track?

Haha it’s so great to see fans, (guys too) doing squats when we play the track – last week we had a bunch of girls come to the show dressed in gym gear.

Do you personally do a lot of squats?

Maybe squatting down to pick up some pizza, haha.

What have you guys got coming up next in terms of releases?

We have one with Luciana called “Everybody Stand Up” that we’re really excited about!

Who has been big musical inspiration throughout your career?

We both play instruments and listen to lots of different genres so for Sketch probably punk rock and ska, and Tommy took a lot from hip hop. We’ve kind of found our place with electronic party music!

How would you sum up your sound in three words? 

Energetic, Party, Extravaganza.


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