[INTERVIEW] King Arthur On Revisiting His Topher Jones Alias

[INTERVIEW] King Arthur On Revisiting His Topher Jones Alias

[INTERVIEW] King Arthur On Revisiting His Topher Jones Alias



Since he recently created such an awesome EP, “Before I Was King”, which saw him rework some old, classic Topher Jones material, we decided to hear more about the project from King Arthur himself.

When was the idea for this EP born? 

I started working on it a few months ago. I had the idea while working out at the gym one day. I went home and started putting it into motion to see if I could really make great new versions of the songs. I really wanted to breathe new life into some songs I had done as Topher Jones that I loved.

Could you sum up King Arthur in 3 words? 

Fresh, new, SONGS!

The sounds here are more rooted in classic house. Is being from Chicago behind that? 

I grew up in the mid-west so Chicago house music has always had an influence on dance music I love. I love a good groove or anything that can make me dance, so I wanted that to be reflected in different ways on the EP.

Did it feel strange remixing your own tunes? Is there anyone you’re itching to remix at the moment? 

It definitely has its challenges. I think the fact that it has been a few years since the original versions came out, it was easier to remove myself a bit – to take new approaches to each song. It was so fun giving each song a new identity that is relevant to where dance music is at right now.

Do you have a favourite from the EP? 

This is always a funny question. I love them all. Just like a parent loves all their kids, even though they are all different.

What can we expect next year from King Arthur? 

Lots of music for 2016. Another remix for the Chainsmokers (“Roses”) and also Sam Feldts’ latest single. New originals as well and SHOWS! Excited to announce them soon.

Grab “Before I Was King” here. 


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