Little Brother Eli Gives A Proper Middle Finger To Vanity In “Tooth”

Little Brother Eli Gives A Proper Middle Finger To Vanity In “Tooth”

Little Brother Eli Gives A Proper Middle Finger To Vanity In “Tooth”


Walking by a glass wall, checking yourself out.

That thing you hold so dear is sinking this ship.

“I get this migraine every time you smile.”

It’s crazy to think what drew me in is pushing me away. Vanity takes its toll.

You realize the glass walls don’t have social feeds, right?

It was smooth sailing, but the world doesn’t owe you anything and walking around like it does makes for choppy seas. You’re better off jumping into the churn of your own storm before you sink this vessel. I won’t go down with you.

“Go befriend a bear so he can maul you.” Doesn’t work so well in the context of choppy seas, but a proper bit of lyricism nonetheless.

Stream Little Brother Eli – “Tooth” below:

Little Brother Eli are an energetic 4-piece troupe from Oxford. Combining rock, disco and electro sounds with hip-hop rhythms, the band have toured extensively since their conception in 2013. Their latest release, “Tooth” is a driving bit of indie-rock incorporating gritty guitar and running synths – a plucky “Fuck You” to the vanity-driven out there.

Little Brother Eli - Tooth music video

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