[MELODIC DUBSTEP] Singularity ft. Jenn Lucas – “Rift”

[MELODIC DUBSTEP] Singularity ft. Jenn Lucas – “Rift”

[MELODIC DUBSTEP] Singularity ft. Jenn Lucas – “Rift”


[MELODIC DUBSTEP] Singularity ft. Jenn Lucas - "Rift"

Singularity is simply sensational. Period. I’ve become one of this artist’s biggest supporters over the course of the last year – to the point where every time I see his name pop up, I find myself immediately perched on the edge of my seat in excitement. WHAT AWAITS ME NEXT? Please Singularity, let me know! And lucky for myself (and the rest of you wonderful people), we need not wait any longer. Play Me Records just put out his Rift EP and while the entire production is beyond beautiful, I’m here to showcase the highly-addictive title track, “Rift.” For any of you that fell in love with his mesmerizing dubstep anthem “Alone” earlier in the year, prepare to have it happen all over again. This producer’s music is something else! Between the heavenly synths and pitch-perfect chord progressions, “Rift” will ravage your ears with some of the most splendid sounds around. Don’t believe me? Just hit up that play button and let Singularity do the rest.



Listen to more of Singularity via his Soundcloud.

Written by: Barrett Nelson

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