[MONTHLY] Remember Thy Motherf*cking Self: Sights and Sounds Best of 03.2013

[MONTHLY] Remember Thy Motherf*cking Self: Sights and Sounds Best of 03.2013

[MONTHLY] Remember Thy Motherf*cking Self: Sights and Sounds Best of 03.2013



A bit belated on the write-up (smack me on the face! please, you know I like it), but this edition of the Sights and Sounds’ Best of 03.2013 finds us wrestling with that eternal dynamic of fleeing affection for self-survival and meeting the end of relationships head on with a grim smile. Don’t worry, none of these are breakup torch songs, but instead they all have a multifaceted approach to regaining your footing after being too outwardly focused.

I really hate traditional love songs, and musicians send them to me all the time (which I never cover); but that’s only because so many of them have completely sacrificed their personal agency as protagonists in a song for some fleeting emotion. Gross. If you want to feel real, first and foremost remember thy motherfucking self. Consider this playlist a mini-trajectory (from darkness to light) of that path rolled into 19 tracks.

Countries Represented:
8; US, UK, Denmark, Austria, France, Australia, Canada, Italy

Become an Indie Music Trivia Nerd:

  • The Astrud Gilberto original that Radiation City chose is from 1964. Shit, talk about a timeless track.
  • Not really trivia, but does anyone else have a massive crush on Deptford Goth, because I do…like huge, fucking mancrush. Support his album, Life After Defo, here.
  • You’ve likely never heard of Fallulah, but she’s actually a platinum selling artist from Denmark. But even though she escaped to North Europe, she can’t escape her Balkans origins, which make their way into her sound.
  • Zach Hayse, who remixed City Calm Down, sometimes goes by King Fridge. Dafuq?
  • Frankfurt Express aren’t actually from Germany, they hail from Paris.
  • Recognize those voices on the revamped/ordered chorus on Phoenix’s Entertainment? That’s Mutya Keisha Siobhan, the reunited trio formerly known as Sugababes.
  • “A Long Way” is Andreya Triana’s first venture out since her 2011 debut album, “A Long Way Home”. Also fascinating is that Manu Delago plays an instrument on this track called a ‘hang’: UFO-shaped steel percussion instrument that is played with the hands and gives off a sound that is somewhere between a lighter-sounding steel drum and traditional Middle Eastern percussive instruments.




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