[QUICK MIX – NO GENRE]  GoodSex – “GENRE(LESS)” [Free Download]

[QUICK MIX – NO GENRE] GoodSex – “GENRE(LESS)” [Free Download]

[QUICK MIX – NO GENRE] GoodSex – “GENRE(LESS)” [Free Download]



There comes a time in every music lover’s career when, by some strange witchcraft or voodoo, nothing coming out of your speakers seems to be hitting your sweet spot. You sit there in frustration hitting the >> button desperately searching for the first few measures that will continue on to satiate your craving. Isn’t there anything out there that will just take everything I love and smash it into one super-size Push Pop of flavor? Luckily there is, and it comes in the form of Chicago resident DJ GoodSex – spreading the good vibes of genre blending music to all. Snatching from the realms of EDM, hip hop, trap and funk, GoodSex puts together a mix without boundaries that will keep you bouncing throughout the work week and well into the weekend. From Dr. Dre and local duo Freak Island to Pretty Lights and Skrillex, “GENRE(LESS)” is one free download not to pass up. Enjoy the mix and tracklist below!


Tracklist for “GENRE(LESS)”:


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