We Could Spend Infinity Listening To Lavid’s New Single

We Could Spend Infinity Listening To Lavid’s New Single

We Could Spend Infinity Listening To Lavid’s New Single


Can we stay here for Infinity?

When you’re completely present, every moment can last forever – especially when it’s with you.

Close your eyes. Take a breath.

Repeat after me: “I am present, I am here, I am now.”

Open your eyes – how do you feel?

Live in the moment, live in the present, enjoy the infinite-ness of the now.

It can be a challenging thing to find ourselves rooted in the present moment. With all the chaos convoluting our lives it is essential we take time to re-connect with that sense of Infinite – the Thing that is greater than ourselves.

But how do you do that? Great question.

Find something or someone to help you get lost in the infinite. Today, that can be Lavid‘s new release – a bouncy, synth-dripping joyride into the present moment. With sultry vocals from Mori, “Infinity” has us vibing in the soulful ever-now.

Go on, give timelessness a try.

Stream Lavid – Infinity below:

“Infinity” is first releases for Emanuel Bender’s new Lavid project. Bender’s new alias serves as a platform for his modern, pop-leaning productions and “Infinity” is no exception, showing off a perfect blend of soulful songwriting with well-crafted electronic production.

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