[SYNTHPOP] In The Valley Below – Peaches (Passion Pit Remix)

[SYNTHPOP] In The Valley Below – Peaches (Passion Pit Remix)

[SYNTHPOP] In The Valley Below – Peaches (Passion Pit Remix)




I mean, just holy fuck…. that came out of nowhere. Even with all the amazing pop released lately, have we just found the song of summer? Brooding indie duo In The Valley Below have landed Passion Pit‘s mad skills to remix their stellar single, “Peaches”; and believe us, the result is stunning. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Slinking through sumptuously sexy synthwork, In The Valley Below’s lyrics hit the ears like a mating call for the dark hearted. It calls the mercurial minds out of their fortresses and throws them onto the dance floor, inspiring the initial spark that will make them combust into twisted affection with the totty that meets their gaze. “Peaches” is all about carnal carpe diem and throwing yourself open to the world, even for ‘just one song’.

Don’t believe us? Check out the track below and see how the song practically scintillates in the air around you. Then favorite In The Valley Below on Soundcloud and Facebook because you’re going to want to check out all their other material (we just know it).

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