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[CHIPTUNE] Anamanaguchi – “Planet”

Time for a short journey through the wonderful 8-bit landscape that is Anamanaguchi. I first heard of this group through their extremely entertaining chiptune single “Meow.” Returning with their classic Super Nintendo-esque sounds comes the synthesized single “Planet” off their upcoming ENDLESS FANTASY album which is due out May 14. Aptly named, “Planet” sounds as […]

[INDIE/ROCK] Anamanaguchi – “Meow”

New York City chiptune band Anamanaguchi took me completely by surprise with their fast paced new single “Meow.” The official music video, set in some retro-futuristic arcade/video game, is so ripe full of acid-trip images and throwbacks it’s hard to keep your head on straight. I’m pretty sure I saw characters such as Parapppa The […]